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Monday, January 03, 2005

It's all about heart

Down to nine players, and playing a team they got smoked by almost two weeks ago, you figure the DSU Lady Hornets basketball team were feeling sorry for themselves. Not so. They beat Navy 50-43, and kept the nation's third longest homecourt winning streak a-live. That's 23 straight and counting. As Miss Info from VH1's Best Week Ever would say, "Fab...u-lous!"

You just get the feeling that Ed Davis knows more about his team than our fans, students, other athletes, and yes, the student sports reporter ever will. And there's word around that Terrelle Waller, the greatest woman point guard in school history (well, at least recent history) maybe cleared to play just in time for the MEAC season. Once again, Fab...u-lous.

They just played extremely intense and with more desire than Navy, who obviously left their three-point shot on the boat or something. Ashlee Burbage, if Terrelle isn't back, is growing up quick, fast, and in a hurry as a point guard, and her freshmen teammate, Raquel "Raqui" Collier is just all over the place on defense and can jump higher than a lot of men. At 5'9," she can grab the rim on a 10-foot basket. Yes, Black Women Can Jump.

It was fun to sit courtside and have fans truly interested in the game, which only happens during winter break. Our women's team, at the nadir of their success, has gotten no love from our student body. During the women's games, the students usually dont show up, or are busy trying to set up jump-off appointments for later that evening. We're talking about a women's team who has made the conference championship game three out of the last four years, has a nationally-recognized home gym winning streak, and won 20 games two years in a row. Open your eyes, DSU. you might be watching something special.


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