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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Now You Tell Me Who Won? US-C them, they run....

You gotta love the Tupac "Hit 'Em Up" reference. Anyway, as first reported on the The Post Game Show, Southern Cal clobbered The Boomer Sooners of Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl, leaving USC as the undisputed (In the BCS' eyes anyway) Top Dog in College Football. But you have to wonder how Auburn feels about going 13-0, in arguably the toughest conference in America, The SEC, and will be lucky to finish Number Two in the final rankings.

It all still screams "PLAYOFF!" as far as the BCS goes. Matter of fact, take the "C" out of there, and that's exactly what this system is. Our daily lives are already affected by what the computer says (time sheets, proposals, transactions, even social lives), Why is one of the best sports in the world forced to determine its champion Dot-Com style? Because the Major College Presidents are about as greedy a bunch that you will find not in the White House hunting oil.

They understand that television contracts are at an all-time high, and that a slice of that upper-billion-dollar pie means their school will be handsomely paid, regardless if they play for the National Championship or not. However, this jerks around "smaller schools" like Utah, who kicked everybody's ass from beginning to end, and most likely wont finish in the top five, and Boise State and Louisville, two schools who played arguably the best Bowl Game of the year, and will only merit sympathy votes in the final rankings.

All-in-all, Playoffs are the proper way to solve anything in any sport. Anything else is just an injustice. I will say that USC proved themselves once again. They are the best team in the nation. They just need a proper stage in place to claim it.


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