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Monday, June 20, 2005

Clutching Ring #6

Welp, once again, Big Shot Rob has rescued his team from certain disaster, and the Spurs, who beat the Pistons 96-95 in OT, are one win away from their third chip in seven years. Robert Horry has been the most clutch NBA player of our generation, and last night, he showed why he may merit mention for the Hall of Fame someday. No points until the last second of the third quarter, Horry then scored 21 points, including a memorable dunk from a guy who's leaping days are decidedly behind him. In the overtime He had a look at a three, but saw the lane open and took off from a distance with Rip Hamilton wandering under him. Horry stretched his sore left shoulder to the limit to throw it down and draw the foul on Hamilton. The will to win superseeds injury, that's for sure.

Then of course, with the Pistons ahead two with nine seconds left, there was Rasheed Wallace making the worse defensive sag since Byron Scott left Dennis Johnson open to the tie the 1985 Finals at two games apiece. As soon as Horry inbounded the ball to Manu Ginobili, 'Sheed left Robert alone to double Manu. ALONE, Y'ALL! You all know what happens next. Three? Consider it dropped like it was hot.

Credit also must go to Tony Parker who played admirable D on Hamilton, including the last shot of the game, when Rip tried to shake Parlez-vous Francais loose. Didn't happen, and the Spurs go back to San Antonio with two chances to close it out. I think they'll only need Tuesday. As long as Robert Horry steps on the court, a championship seems to be a given.


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