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Friday, February 11, 2005

Super Bowl Summaries and MEAC Musings

"They can come closer than close, yeah/....original, they never will be/....we just trying to make you see/nobody does it better......."

Nate Dogg with Warren G., "Nobody Does It Better," 1997

With that bit of fitting lyricism, I present to you the back-to-back, three times in four years Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. It is a dynasty, like it or not. These guys are probably the most disrespected champions of any sport in any day, and year in and year out, they just continue to get it done. They needed a running back, so they traded for Corey Dillon, originally thought to be a problem child, but all homey did was rush for 1500 yards and provide the Patriots with that between the tackles thunder that sets up their devious play action passing game. And Deion Branch (from...Louisville! 'Sup TJ) wins the MVP award, catching 11 passes and a Cadillac XLR, proving that every single player on that team has a role, and damn if they don't execute it to the fullest. They have a few free agents, and we know that Charlie Weis now leads the Fighting Irish and Romeo Crennel will try to bring the bite back to the Dawg Pound, but until somebody can find a way to play the perfect game against these guys, they cannot be beaten, they won't be beaten. For at least another two years.

On the other side of that coin, the Philadelphia Eagles played the most unfocused Super Bowl since the Falcons and their live-right safety Eugene Robinson was caught trying to pay to play with an undercover cop.

Was D McNabb sick or not? Did Freddie Mitchell ruin it for everyone by running his big, unproductive beak? Did Andy Reid have a brief bout of bird-brain syndrome in the last five minutes? Questions that have yet to be answered.

But one question that was answered is that Terrell Owens is a warrior, period. Broken ankle, nine catches for 122 yards. He looked gimpy, but didn't care. He thought he could help his team win, and damn near did so. I wonder if people will be quick to criticize this man, now that he went out on one wheel and turned in one of the biggest performances in the history of the Super Bowl.

What we know is that the two strongest teams from each conference made the Super Bowl, and probably will do so next year in Detroit. And it will probably be these same two teams again.

Hornet basketball keeps on rolling

Delaware State is experiencing something usually reserved for Hampton, Coppin State, and FAMU. Both men's and women's basketball teams are regarded as contenders for the MEAC title. Although this has been a two-year pattern, the third year might be the charm for this school, which would be a nice bit of publicity, and perhaps restore some pride here.

The men's basketball team has THE biggest game of their season tomorrow evening with Coppin in Baltimore. The Hornets are a half game ahead of The Eagles for first place in the MEAC, and considering this team has never won a MEAC regular season championship (ever), and what better way to put some distance between yourself and the rest of the field by going on the road to beat your nemesis and prove to yourselves once and for all you can run.

Coppin's defense was the stickiest of the icky when they came here in early January, but Darrin Shine didn't play that game because of the flu, and now that he's been able to penetrate at will along with Aaron Williams, this team has become good for 70-75 points a game. Although sometimes they play Coppin State like they're a Big Ten school, I think Coach Jackson understands now that he has athletes that are capable of zipping past the likes of....Hen-ry Col-ter.

Jahsha Bluntt will have to be in rhythm to put this team over the top. His shot will have to fall, like it has the last month or so, or else Terrance Hunter and Troy Roundtree will be responsible in the low post to get some points, which isn't as reliable as Jahsh's smooth stroke. However, I feel like this is the get over the hump year for DSU basketball, and this is one of those games. Prediction? DSU 65, Coppin 54.

The women will play the Lady Eagles, who are tied for first place and ended the home winning streak that lasted a year for the Lady Hornets last time out. Leisel Harry has not returned, yet CSU continues to fight with Hampton for first place, and are no easy win.

Terrelle Waller definitely has her shot back, but she missed the last 13 minutes of the UMES win after she took a blow to the head, so hopefully the week off has given her time to heal up and be ready to rock. The Lady Hornets are in third place right now, still with an outside shot to win the regular season crown, but Ed Davis' goal, in his words, is to be "nowhere near sixth," meaning the play-in round of the tournament, which means they'd have to play on Monday March 7th in the Ashe Center in Richmond, VA, the kickoff spot for the MEAC tourney. I hope they don't either, shucks I don't wanna be there until that Tuesday myself. If DSU can keep the score down like they've been doing, they'll win this game. Lady Hornets 51, CSU 48.

Now that football is over, I will be giving you my NBA thoughts along with the full college game, so the best is yet to come. Hope you enjoy it.


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