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Sunday, January 09, 2005

My first Mega-Post

Are you ready? America, Then, for the two people that read this blog.........llllllllllllllllllllllllet's get ready to post informative thoughts on sporrrrrrrrrrts!

That was so lame, if Michael Buffer sued me, I could not object. Anyway, a lot happened this weekend in sports, so let's get started with the big deal, the NFL playoffs. Can a Home team get a win? Apparently only Indianapolis.

Indy 49, Denver 24

I start with this game because I missed the first half, because my car had some unexpected trouble, like a wheel staying on, but do not fret, I am fine. And apparently I didn't miss much, seeing as it was 35-3 Colts at halftime. The Denver d-backs were talking mad ish, and P-Mann just said "o.k., I'll show you how to do this, son." Bears repeating that the Broncos have not won a playoff game since the great John Elway called it a career, and that no matter how many guys run for 1,000 yards, their defense just stinks. Mike Shanahan, I hope you have your resume ready, because you may be experiencing the Donald Trump hand very very soon, my friend.

N.Y. Jets 20, San Diego 17 (OT)

Needless to say, I was the most disappointed with this game, because the Super-Chargers were my darkhorse pick to make it to the Super Bowl when the playoffs started (I said darkhorse, not bet-the-house pick). But I must shout out Herman Edwards, who gave us the best quote of any coach in the last 10 years a couple of years ago.....I guess Herm really does "PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!" That game with Pittsburgh next week should be interesting. That maybe the game that decides who does get to Jacksonville, so watch carefully students...there will be a test later on.

St. Louis 27, Seattle 20

This game had about as much intrigue as an R. Kelly court hearing. As much as I hate to admit it, but the Rams were going to win all along, not because they have an offense that could be put to use in Iraq, not because Mike Martz's "win one for the Cornball" speeches are inspiring, but just for the simple fact that the Seahawks can't make a big play much in the way that Bill O'Reilly can't stop harassing his producer. But that wasn't even the biggest surprise of the weekend, which brings me to........

Minnesota 31, Green Bay 17

I ain't I lyin? BOTH 8-8 teams won this weekend, putting that notion to rest that backing into the playoffs is worse than not making the playoffs at all. Daunte Culpepper showed why he was 1A as far as QB's go in the league this year, and the Vikings actually.....they really, they....PLAYED SOME DEFENSE! TRUE STORY! As far as the Pack goes....Brett Favre may need to come to a decision about his playing style. I can't say he's not one of the greatest to play this game, but his guts are killing whatever chance he has at the glory with the wild throws. A crushing loss for GB, and a long offseason cometh for Mike Sherman.

The Doubleheader Debacle

So that 23-game homecourt winning streak I was raving about for the Lady Hornets is now done, courtesy of some skin tight defense and clutch shooting by the Lady Eagles of Coppin State. Without the Lady in the Lane, Leisel Harry, the Lady Eagles still found a way to handle their business inside, and Sherrie Tucker is as underrated an offensive player as it gets on the women's side of the conference. She is dangerous from 17 to 19 feet away, her shot is smoother than a baby's bottom. The loss kind of spoiled the effort Rocky Collier had for the Lady Hornets. She is truly going to make herself a candidate for MEAC rookie of the year, especially if she keeps scoring 22 points, while missing only two shots, and giving DSU a spark of energy reminiscent of the departed Mandy Clark.

Terrelle Waller's NCAA waiver hearing is this week, so you know fingers at 1200 N. DuPont Highway will be crossed as they hear the word of whether the best point guard in the conference will return for her fifth year.

As for the men...well, as DSU Public Address Announcer and all around Mass Comm don Ralph Wesley asked me to rate the game, in my Stephen A. Smith voice "that was absolutely the most HORRIBLE game of basketball I have seen the Hornets play!"

They were missing Darrin Shine, who had flu-like symptoms and couldn't go, so the game of "Who wants to be the backup point guard" was in full effect. I still feel Aaron Williams should be getting more minutes than he does, because the kid can get to the basket at will, and his talent will be wasted if he can't shine in his senior year. Give credit to Fang Mitchell, who always has reminded me of Fred Sanford for some reason, for having his guys ready to play that defense that held Terrance Hunter scoreless, had the Hornets shooting 30 percent, and had us all looking for answers.

I still feel that the fear of (cue my Stephen A. voice again) Hen-ry Col-ter is highly uncalled for.

And that's all for now.


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