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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Dog Days of a DSU summer

Well right now, the heat is really picking up, and anytime you step outside, you are guaranteed to sweat, as comedian Ralphie May said, "Like R. Kelly at the Kids' Choice awards." I picked this week to walk around campus instead of wasting gas money, not the smartest thing I've ever done, but it's exercise.

Meanwhile, the heat is on for DSU athletics, with the announcement of Chuck Bell as athletic director last week, and his first press conference will be Thursday at 3 p.m. on the fourth floor of The Admin Building. This should be quite interesting, especially since he's a white AD at an Historically Black College/University (well, allegedly black). Questions are already being raised by Board of Trustee member Norman Oliver (who I've known for quite sometime), alumni, and legislators who are wondering about the current course Delaware State University is on, especially hiring white administrators and professors to teach black kids.

In case no one's noticed, the diversification effort among the students isn't taking a strong of a foothold as originally thought, at least among traditional students. I've been around campus for freshman orientation, and to no one's surprise, black kids are still in the majority of those coming to DSU fresh out of high school. As former Hornet editor-in-chief (now AP journalist) Michael Feeney said in an editorial last school year, "you can't remove history."

Back to sports, the Hornet football team has tapped into the NCAA division I-A transfer market (, grabbing defensive linemen and another quarterback, Shane Lopes from Arizona, although it looks likely that the red-shirt freshman from Chi-Town, Vashon Winton, will go into summer practice in about two weeks as the number one guy at that spot.

The defensive lineman coming in are expected to be in an improvement in the lone area that the defense needed work in, and the word is that running back Emmanuel Marc will be a significant upgrade in the backfield, which aside from the now-graduated Afumiya McFadden, was non-existant in the offensive scheme of things last year.

The Hornets' opening game at Florida A&M September 3rd has already been called "The Question Bowl," due to the tumultuous off-seasons that both schools have had. However, FAMU still has not answered the question of who will be their head coach. This could be a domino game for the MEAC football season, whoever wins this game will probably have the inside track for one of the top three spots in the conference, although it's universally accepted that Hampton and South Carolina State will be duking it out for the conference crown and the automatic berth to the I-AA playoffs.

But as Chris Berman always says "That's....why they play the games." With the start of the season about a month away, this could be one of the most intriguing seasons in the history of the conference, it could be anybody's game this year.

Can't wait for the games to begin.


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