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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bears, Hornets, and wins, oh my

So I just returned from venerable old Memorial Hall, where our men's and women's basketball teams swept Morgan State this evening. It was a noisier crowd than normal during winter break, but since students are slowly piling back in, that can be expected.

The Lady Hornets continue to struggle, despite winning 64-51, despite having Rocky Collier continue her hot play with 17 points, despite outrebounding Morgan 49-41. Ed Davis was about as salty as I have ever seen him, but it was a silent saltiness. Now, if anyone has seen Ed Davis coach a basketball game for Delaware State University, you know that this brother has conniptions that are memorable, awe-inspiring, and hilarious. I only counted one foot stomp, and a couple of handclaps, that was it. His booming voice was still in effect, but even that was tempered some. Perhaps a silent storm is brewing. Much needed win for the Lady Hornets though.

The Delaware State men handled the Bears 68-53, in a game that saw tremendous offensive balance coming from the Hornets. Terrance Hunter showed signs of breaking out of his slump, leading all scorers with 17 points, while Jahsh Bluntt and Aaron Williams scored 13 each, and the flu-ridden Darrin Shine played extremely well, scoring 10 points and zipping past Morgan's guards to create havoc. This game showed that they can be a successful running team in the MEAC, especially when Problem (A. Williams) is free to drive and penetrate, and the kickout pass to Bluntt will be a point guard's best friend very soon. Jahsh had a scoop shot tonight that reminded me of some dipsy-doo's my favorite player of all time, Julius Erving, used to make. Should I start calling Jahsh the new Dr. J? ehhhh, we'll hold off on that for now.


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