The Post Game Show

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Touching her would be one of life's truest pleasures
Uncovering the jewels within
Marveling at Eve's most prized of treasures
I'm not afraid to tell her what I want, and how bad
If she takes a walk on my wild side
I'm sure to be the best she's ever had
I can't hesitate, I need to let her know what time it is
When, what, where and how
I've got to let honey know so we can get down to biz
I ask her simply "can I touch you?"
She responds with widened eyes
I say again, "can I touch you and cause your passion to rise?"
Can I touch you higher or lower, faster or slower
left to right, side to side
It's up to you darlin', just let my fingers glide
Up and down your curves, the warmth of your skin blowing my mind
If I touch you, explosions will occur, time after time
I swear I've never been so forward, that's because I've never been so sure
My satisfying skills will be a memory that shall endure
I just want to hear your notes of bliss dancing in my ears
My touch is the calmest of vices
Known to ease a woman's fears
So I pose the question to her again, "Can I touch you, and cause your passion to rise?"
She nods softly, then we dim the lights.


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