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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Point Guard's back, and there's gonna be trouble.....

Yes, word is out now that Terrelle Waller has been cleared to return to the Delaware State University Women's basketball team.

*Allowing all Delaware State patrons to cheer, praise God and breathe sighs of relief*

Now what this means as far the season goes, it means alot. You get back your point guard, your best defender, your clutch scorer, and arguably the heart and soul of the team in one swoop.

This gives Ed Davis some much needed flexibility, and it will give young Ashlee Burbage the chance to learn from the best point guard in the conference how to make good decisions with the ball, how to be patient, and unafraid to take the shot when it is presented to you. The Lady Hornets will have that swagger back soon. The MEAC is now on notice. Game On.


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