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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sample time

This is the first non-sports related post in the history of the Post Game Show, but I saw this on another blog (hope you don't mind, Jamar), and decided to give it a go, and hopefully this will give you guys a little more insight on the man behind the sports musings. So let Chris' 100 officially begin:

1. I was born almost two weeks late.
2. Yet I'm early for everything, go figure.
3. I thank God everyday that I didn't miss my calling.
4. My calling is journalism.
5. I really need to lose some weight.
6. I'm a carb and sugar whore, so I don't know how that's gonna be done.
7. Barry White, Rick James, and Luther Vandross in back-to-back-to-back summers. I don't know if I can take another black music great passing on.
8. My favorite sports team is the Philadelphia 76ers.
9. Allen Iverson is a close second to Dr. J as the greatest Sixer ever.
10. I want more people to read The Post Game Show.
11. I love writing poetry.
12. Usually about romance or the pursuit of.
13. When I graduate, I'm seriously considering throwing a "Kiss My Ass" party for those who didn't contribute to me making it.
14. I will be done with school in the year 2006. Whether it's May or December remains to be seen.
15. This is my fourth and final year as Sports Editor of the Hornet student newspaper.
16. I hope the younger staff members feel like they can come to me for some advice and wisdom.
17. I'll be 24 next month.
18. I still look like I'm 16.
19. Delaware has about 808,000 people and only 161,000 black folks. Think I need to move?
20. Remember, R. Kelly is a sick and perverted individual.
21. Eva Pigford needs some Chris in her life.
22. So does Rosario Dawson.
23. ....And Nia Long.
24. My biggest crush is on Anne-Marie Green, weekend 11 p.m. anchorwoman for CBS-3 Eyewitness News in Philly.
25. My friends and family have no idea that I lost my virginity four years ago.
26. I have the strangest desire to date a woman in her late 30s or early 40s...right now.
27. I guess I'm curious about the prime theory and experience factor.
28. The song that is stuck in my head right now: "Get off your ass and jam" by the P-Funk.
29. I wish I could've been alive in the '70s.
30. My mom's best friend said I'm an official Funkateer...that's almost as great as being recognized as a talented writer.
31. I'm gonna miss the boy when I go back to school.
32. The boy is the 19-month old baby my mom has taken care of for the last year or so.
33. I'm so afraid that Tamika Huston's death means the same thing for LaToyia Figueroa.
34. Jennifer Wilbanks' bug-eyed ass needs to be doing more than mowing lawns.
35. And Natalee Holloway was stupid for going off with three strangers under the influence of whatever.
36. I need to return to my spirituality.
37. I believe in God.
38. I don't believe in churches which make themselves seem better than God himself or the message they're supposed to be delivering.
39. TV preachers irk me.
40. There should've been a more serious song about Gold Diggers.
41. I give Kanye credit for linking back up with Jamie as Ray Charles though.
42. I'm a firm believer that 99.9 percent of the female population at Delaware State University is lame.
43. I've been at DSU for four years, and been single every one of them.
44. I'm not exactly sure that there is a woman who would be caught dead with me.
45. Obviously, I have self-esteem issues when it comes to the opposite sex.
46. I hope to change that in the near future.
47. I am often jealous of folks who have found happiness with someone else.
48. I am highly annoyed at girls who let themselves get played because dude looks good or fits a certain image.
49. I let my hatred of being single sidetrack me sometimes.
50. That's definitely going to change ASAP.
51. Speaking of T.I., to parapharase him, "I'm 5'10 with the soul of a 6'4 joker.."
52. My mother is to thank for me finding my way in life.
53. She's done so much to support me and my younger sister.
54. She's the only woman I trust.
55. I've made a more conscious effort to stop cursing.
56. Although "damn" is one word that will never leave my vocabulary.
57. My subsitute for using the Son of the Holy Father's name: "Jiminy Christmas"
58. Motherf***er is the single hardest word for me to kick.
59. Note to you high yellow jokers: We, the darkskin cats of America, aren't going anywhere, get over it.
60. I swear I'm not a fan of brown paper bag tests, however.
61. HBCUs with the prettiest women (in no particular order): Hampton, Morgan State, Howard, North Carolina Central, Spelman, Bennett, and Clark Atlanta
62. All sistas are beautiful in some way, even the immature, superficial, shallow ones.
63. It's amazing that women of other races have to spend money to get what sistas have from birth.
64. I Once Got Busy in a Burger King Bathroom!
65. Not really, but the Humpty Dance is one of my top five "make me feel better" songs of all time.
66. I used to want to go out for Halloween as Humpty Hump.
67. Now that I've mentioned Halloween, I've got to get my hands on some Candy Corn.
68. My current car is my first car.
69. It's a '94 Mitsubishi Diamante.
70. Its nickname is "The Champ."
71. It needs work constantly, but it still runs like a warrior when it needs to.
72. I got The Champ October 2, 2004, six days after my 23rd birthday.
73. DSU's football team beat Hampton the next day.
74. I thank God that I was able to be present and reporting when the men's hoops team won it's first ever MEAC championship.
75. That is the highlight of my young journalism career.
76. The lowlight: A "Sex-game losing streak" typo in the 2002 homecoming issue.
77. Maury's DNA episodes are like a train wreck.
78. As is "Being Bobby Brown."
79. Why does Bobby seem like the normal one in that marriage now?
80. I bet money that people will start saying "Hell to the naw" en masse.
81. Whitney still is one of the greatest to ever pick up a mic.
82. Tom Joyner is a role model for anybody who has to hustle for what they want.
83. J. Anthony Brown murdering the hits highlights my Friday mornings.
84. My favorite one this year is "Toothless" (sung to the tune of Fantasia's "Truth Is"
85. I want to move somewhere in the South.
86. I still hope to be able to find a decent cheesesteak when I do move.
87. Southern women are kinder and sweeter, I've heard.
88. I'll miss snowstorms in the South.
89. The Game's 300 Bars and Runnin' was hot.
90. 50 Cent and the entire G-Unit annoys me.
91. Don't blame me, I voted for John Kerry.
92. Gas is at a crack price high now.
93. If I could walk to WalMart, I would.
94. I'm mad I missed the NABJ convention in ATL this August.
95. I'm seriously considering running for Chapter president here at Del State.
96. The UNITY convention last summer was awesome.
97. I met Stephen A. Smith.
98. His advice to me: "follow your heart, because anything else is just a job."
99. I'm starting to think that God never left me, even though I may have strayed from him at times.
100. I'm not a holy roller, I just acknowledge his existence.
101. So Then, He comes in there, and I said "Look bitch, I'm Rick James," and slapped him.
102. I hope this has interested you guys.
103. 'Twas fun to do.
104. Made the morning go by faster.
105. Two fingers like a playa.


  • At 6:06 AM, Blogger Sticky Keys said…

    I was deeply entertained. As usual! I'll holla at you at the LJ! Check my new layout, and I'm working on a friend's meme so look for it soon!

  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger Big J said…

    Interesting list! How and when did you meet Stephen A.?

  • At 10:58 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    at the UNITY journalism convention last year in D.C. I waited forever and a day after the ESPN Sports Task Force breakfast (hosted by Cris Carter) to talk to him, and I asked him about having to settle for a Gen-assignment gig after college, and he told me he almost quit journalism to be a bank teller in Winston-Salem NC when his job at the Philadelphia Inquirer came along. And that's when he said follow your heart, because anything else is just a job.

  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger PC said…

    Cool! Now, I know a bunch about you! LOL

    I wish I were a carb/sugar whore... I think carb/sugar whores have more fun!

    I think you are a smart and fun guy. You'll have to build with me more on the whole "self-esteem issues with the opposite sex" theory you have via AIM.

    :) See ya,
    strn20prls on AIM


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