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Monday, December 05, 2005

Colts on the way to perfection

While it's still too early to tell, I'm a firm believer that the Indianapolis Colts can finish the season with a bagel in the loss department, winning the Super Bowl as the final nail in the '72 Miami Dolphins' coffin. Mercury Morris, one-third of the Dolphins' three-headed running back monster during that season, said recently on ESPN2's Cold Pizza not to call him when Indy was in his town, but when they were on the block. The way the AFC and NFC playoff pictures are clearing up, the Colts are at the door and would like a word with you, Mr. Morris.

The Colts have finally put together a Tony Dungy-worthy defense to go with an offensive attack that simply can't be stopped, and with the rest of the AFC beating the dog snot out of eachother trying to get to the Hoosier Dome for the title game, it looks like Indianapolis is in position to blow all records and opposition away.

Defensively, Dwight Freeney has emerged as one of the top two or three pass rushers in the game right now, despite being the same size as Grambling quarterback Bruce Eugene. Freeney is just too quick for any offensive lineman to handle, and he has help up front with Philadelphia Eagles evacuee Corey Simon, Larry Triplett, and linebacker Cato June leads the NFL in interceptions to go to along with the improved Colts secondary.

Then you know about the offense. Peyton Manning is the conductor of this 30.5 points per game symphony, and is still his mild-mannered self, never changing in the public eye. He's still regular ol' Peyton, however, behind the scenes and that mask, the elder Manning brother has a death stare that lets the rest of the NFL know that he is not to be...messed with, gosh darnit!

The wild card to the offense is not the deceptively quick yet physical running style of Edgerrin James nor the uncoverable speed and hands of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, but tight end Dallas Clark opens up the floodgates up top and on the outsides by being a tremendous underneath threat.

While the schedule still has to play itself out, and of course an injury can happen at any time, let's look at what's left in the regular season for the Colts. The biggest thing to jump out in the remaining four games is Indianpolis West Coast, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are still fighting for a playoff spot and the AFC west, so expect LaDainian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Antonio Gates and others to bring their A-game to Indianapolis. As the only offense that can match Indy shot for shot, the Chargers chances are limited by a defense that is more suspect than that remix of the Star Spangled Banner R. Kelly performed at Taylor-Hopkins II. Edge (no pun intended) Colts.

The playoffs in that loud dome and with Peyton switching plays up, making opponents pick their poison, it could be a long day for anyone who's fortunate enough to get out of the first couple of rounds. The NFC poses no real challenges, even though Seattle, who's also left on the Colts' schedule, could be the team to breakway from the pack and earn the right to play for the chip in Detroit.

Finally, even though the Colts refuse to talk about it, it's on their mind. 17-0. The '72 Dolphins. Those guys popping champagne bottles everytime the last unbeaten team in the NFL falls. The Colts can not only go unbeaten and kill that noise Mercury Morris is talking, but they can add another two games to the streak (the NFL went from 14 regular season games to 16 in 1978, and three playoff wins would make them 19-0).

With that said, I hope Tony Dungy goes for it. I hope he encourages his playerss to go for perfection. Although there are supposed to be no perfect beings, there can be a perfect sports team. The Indianapolis Colts can do that, and here's to hoping they do. So the '72 Dolphins can make room on the block for the 19-0 2005 NFL champions. There goes the neighborhood.


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