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Monday, September 26, 2005

Post-Birthday Blogging

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and I pretty much have made up my mind that my life was always in my hands, and I'm going to treat myself better than I have in the past. No longer am I fretting over the insignificance of immature females who have nothing better to do with their lives than be groupies for athletes, frat boys, and wannabe hustlers. I have something better to do with my time. It's called journalism. That's the love of my life right now, and that's all I'll be focusing on, aside from taking care of Chris. No one else is going to do it, so why not me? Why not care about myself when I'm obviously a great person? End Declaration of Independence. On To the Sports talk.

Disenchantment in Chanticleer Land

So that plate of fried Chanticleer with fries and hot sauce had to be put on hold, as Coastal Carolina took advantage of an impotent Hornet offense to pull out a 24-6 victory Saturday night, and thankfully, the brutal back-to-back non-conference road trip is over.

However, the fun may have just begun, as Delaware State resumes MEAC play at the defending conference champion, and most likely a fired-up Hampton Pirates squad October 1st. The Pirates offense is led by the two horsemen in the backfield, Junior Alonzo Coleman and Senior Ardell Daniels, both of which ran for over 1,000 yards in 2004. The Hornets last year limited Daniels and Coleman to less than 100 yards combined on the ground, and kept Prince Shepherd and the receivers off-balance to beat HiU for the first time since 1970.

While I joke about the bitterness of the Pirates over last year's stunning loss, the fact that they have opened up a can of whoopass on everybody they've played against (with maybe the exception of Howard) has to be the main concern for a Hornet team which has stunk up the joint two weeks in a row.

So, About that bet I made with Jamar Hudson, or I'm about to make....hmmm, if DSU wins, The Boom-Boom room must become Live at the Hive for a week and he must say at least one positive thing about DSU in all of his entries for that week. If Hampton wins (or maybe when) I will talk endlessly about the virtues of the Home by the sea, and change the name of the Post Game show to Blackbeard's Locker for a week. Jamar, this might be corny, so if you have any other ideas to spice this thing up, let me know.

Black Irish?

Now if any of the brothers and sisters who read TPGS do have Irish in their family, forgive me for what I am about to say. I have an issue. A big one. I have an issue that NFL wide receivers are now incorporating Riverdancing and Irish Jigs into their celebrations....I'm talkin' about you, Chad Johnson. You are a blue-black negro from South Central LA....I don't think "Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance" was what was poppin' at the bootlegger's spot back in the day.

Don't get me wrong, as a brother with very little rhythm, I feel the urge to dance when I make deadline for the Hornet newspaper or get an "A" on a test or paper. But I keep it regular with the Wop, the Snake, and occaisionally the first couple of steps to the Electric Slide, but the drunken white percolator? Oh hell no. Next thing you know, he'll be doing "She Bangs" dances William Hung style...God I may have given him an idea.


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