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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Weekend That Was....or Wasn't

So after all my jawing and assuring my fellow DSU students that the football team had a good chance to beat Hampton again....they didn't. 26-8 was your final score, and if it wasn't for the defense, it could've been a helluva lot worse. Frustration may be setting in for the Hornet D, who took about 20 points off the board by holding tough in the red zone, forcing the Pirates to go to placekicker Andrew Paterini, which of course, isn't a bad look for them.

The offense, however only accumulated 17 yards in the first half, and didn't pick up a first down until their lone touchdown drive (48 yards, if you can call it that) in the middle of the third quarter. Vashon Winton stood his ground in the pocket, but some of the better offensive plays came with him moving his feet. Rodney Roy didn't move his quick enough, rendering the running game absymal once again. There has got to be a point where whoever's calling the plays out there tailoring the offense to Vashon's strengths; moving his feet and working the sidelines. At the same time, Vashon must realize that he's got help underneath in Rashod Coleman, Roy or Emmanuel Marc out of the backfield, or tight ends Jeff Postell and Cory Garver when the long ball to Shaheer McBride or Dennis Savedge (note to HU's PA's pronounced Savage, not Chavez, thank you) is not available. Either way, this team needs to score some points, or this season will be a lost cause.

So close, but so far away

The Philadelphia Phillies lived up to their end of the bargain this weekend, making quick work of the Washington Nationals in three straight games. Unfortunately, the Houston Astros did just enough to hold theirs up and win the National League Wild Card for the second straight year.

A heartbreaking way to end the season, but there are some positives. The Phils had three 100-RBI guys (Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu, and Chase Utley) for the first time since the Depression-era, Jimmy Rollins kept his hit streak (36 games now) going through the end of the year, and Ryan Howard absolutely muscled opposing pitching, and if he doesn't win Rookie of the Year, it's a disgrace.

However, the thing that doomed this team was the inconsistent pitching, especially from Vicente Padilla and the bullpen. If Ed Wade does get rid of Jim Thome, getting a quality starter or some decent relievers better be a part of the deal. But for now 88 wins, the second most since 1983, must be enough for a team that seems to come close every year, but ends up so far away.


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