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Friday, October 14, 2005

Pissed to the highest level of pissed-ivity

That is the one sentence to describe my Friday so far. Due to our reliable business-ad manager turning in time sheets late, I'm broke for yet ANOTHER two weeks, and I still haven't seen a check from my second job yet, so in the words of one of wrestling's greatest managers, James E. Cornette, I'm "broke, busted, and disgusted." Not to mention I'm still mad about the Howard Job Fair yesterday.

I had to leave early to avoid getting my car towed because of the idiocy of the DC cops and HU's security staff. Fantastic. I will say that the job fair was well-organized and good to attend if you are a Communications major looking for opportunities. If you can keep the Keystone Kops away from you car for longer than three hours.

Hornets look to keep title hopes alive

Tomorrow's DSU football matchup with North Carolina A&T represents more than the Aggies' homecoming and another long-ass road trip for our road-weary warriors, but the winner of this game will more than likely keep themselves in the MEAC championship chase for the rest of the season.

The Aggies made mince meat of Morgan State in last week's PG County Classic, but then again, who can't score on Morgan's defense (giving up 36 points and 463 yards a game this year)? If the Hornets can come up with the win this week, and beat Morgan State for homecoming, again that South Carolina State game will be their season-maker, which will probably be the first time in more than 10 years that a Hornet football team will have had something to play for into November.

Athletic-Academic Drama

Well, it couldn't be all good all the time. The Delaware State athletic department is in deep trouble upon Dr. Allen Sessoms reporting findings of academic fraud in the Mass Comm department involving 10 student-athletes and former Mass Comm chair Wendell Gorum.

This is a bad look for all parties. For one, the University and Dr. Sessoms gets more negative press, which may hasten his exit from DSU. It's a bad look for the athletic department, especially with the dreams of moving up to I-A football and getting funding for an athletic facility (combined football stadium and civic center). And, as a Mass Comm major, we are screwed without the benefits of condoms and lubricant. It will be hard for us to get jobs because of things that happened honestly before Sessoms' tenure began, and we'll be looked at as cheaters whose GPAs are possibly inflated.

I know one thing's for sure, and two things for certain, there has got to be a ray of sun somewhere in these storms. Although I'm not a Sessoms fan, I do have some love for the University, and I would like for things to get better ASAP.


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