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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random Thoughts From A Sportswriter

I'm feeling more comfortable straying away from sports topics, albeit I will continue to give you guys the real on that subject (DSU men's and women's basketball previews coming soon), but I really have to let thoughts flow from my mind, through my arms and fingers to this here blog, so consider the Random thoughts of one Chris Stevens, submitted for your approval...

My car got locked up!

Yep, my 1994 Mitsubishi Diamante, a.k.a The Champ was towed away from the lovely campus of Delaware State University due to lack of a current parking sticker. Hey, when you're broke, some things just slip your mind. A parking pass was one of them. But I was able to bail my car out, none the worse for wear, and pay for the decal thanks to the kindness of my mom. Although Champ has been actin' funny since we got him out. Found a shank in the glove compartment this evening....hmmm....

What's love got to do with it?

Apparently not much for a woman in Murrysville, PA. According to the Associated Press, this woman lured her ex to her house to rekindle a relationship, but when he mentioned a new love in his life (mistake number one), she got mad and waited for him to fall asleep (mistake number two).

She then glued his penis to his stomach, one of his testicles to his leg, glued his rear end shut, and dumped nail polish on him. Now I don't claim to be a ladies' man or a romance doctor...but what the hell would possess you to mention a woman in the presence of another?! He asked for it. That said, all that glue was extreme. It'll be a while before he can go near a shelf full of Elmer's and Krazy Glue before he has an episode, that's for sure.

Maurice Cheeks could dunk!

O.K., as a lifelong Philadelphia 76ers fan (literally) I always got mad as a youngster when Sixers point guard Maurice Cheeks would have an absolute head start to the bucket and he would just lay the ball off the glass. Apparently, I should've been six or seven years old in 1978-79, Mo's rookie year. When CSN-Philly's live coverage of the Sixers' season opener with Milwaukee began, it showed footage the current Sixers coach as a rookie with a mushroom cloud of an afro leading the Sixers for the first time.

One clip that stuck out was a '79 Eastern Conference playoff game with the San Antonio Spurs (yeah, the NBA's geography has come a long way), when Mo stole the ball from George "Iceman" Gervin, and with Ice giving chase, 6'1 Mo threw it down. Not your typical short guy fingertip, scrape the rim dunks, I mean a throwdown. I was stoked like the game was live. Can you tell I have an old soul?

Jaguar Wright, Freedom Fighter

Granted, I may be late as hell, but Jaguar Wright's current single "Free" is just a dope song, and an inspirational one in general, I especially love these lyrics;

The future's before me/the past left at dawn
See, the mornin' brought a new song/and do you know what it's called? It's free...

That's like my mantra from now on, everyday I'm allowed to see is a new day, and it's going to be something different every day. Take the good with the bad and keep on rollin'.

One-sentence thoughts, to close it out...

Y'all ever hear a song and like it and never get to hear the title of it so you can find it? For me that song was "Rainforest" by Paul Hardcastle, and I had trouble finding it mainly because it was an instrumental, one that sooths my soul and is a very good song to cruise to. Of course I found out the name and artist thanks to DSU Sports Information Director and jazz fan Dennis Jones.

I'm glad Thanksgiving is coming up. Family, Friends, Turkey, and football.

This DSU football season has been the most exciting and the most fun to cover since I started my gig as sports editor of the Hornet three years ago. I'm going to miss the action and pre-game socializing when I graduate, unless I'm blessed enough to cover football on my first job.

Gabrielle Union left her husband. PRAISE GOD! HALLELUJAH! THE LAWD IS MY SHEPHERD! HE KNOWS WHAT I WANT! O.K., I'm calm.

50 Cent, just shut up. Your attacks on Kanye West are rather petty and Mean Girls-like, although you apparently enjoyed that flick so much you tried to get at anorexic anonymous' Lindsay Lohan. And I hope your movie bombs like a shock and awe campaign. Coon ass coon.

I have a crush on a girl right now, but I am worried of making a fool of myself (Ms. Jameil, I know I'm supposed to look up.) She's a cutie-pie, biology major, and easy to talk to, but I don't know if I'd ever tell her I was feeling her.

And that is all kids. Hope you've enjoyed the random thoughts portion of the program. You're a beautiful audience, be sure to tip your waitress. Thank you, and Good Night!


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