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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Got The D If you need the D!

Please don't read too much into that. Anyways, there is a letter exercise going around the blogspot world, and I was given the letter D by Talia, so here are six things that start with the letter D. It's supposed to be 10, but six is all I could think of this morning, sorry.

Driving: You see, most folks take it for granted as a daily norm, especially with gas prices being as a high as they are, it can be a task to some. For me, driving has always been fun, even more so now that I have my own car. I remember my Driver's Ed Teacher said to me "son, you might wanna get a bus pass because it'll be a long time before you drive a car." That crushed me, but nine years later I'm riding in style (sort of) and happy that I can come and go as I please. As long as there's gas in the car.

Darryl Dawkins: I am a serious fan of old school hoops, especially those talented but choking Philadelphia 76ers squads of the late 70s and early 1980s. A proud member of those screwball Sixers, Darryl Dawkins was the first player to go from high school to the NBA, and despite his physical gifts and basketball skills, he never matured into an All-Star or a great player. But boy, could he put a hurtin' on a backboard and crack jokes. And below is visual evidence.

DX: If you're not down with that, we got just two words for ya; SUCK IT! Yes, D-generation X is back with the two original members, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and they're already making life miserable for Vince McMahon and company. If you're not a wrestling fan, you won't understand.

Delaware: Is where I am from...and it sucks. No really, it does. I could say the same thing for the entire Northeastern region of the United States, but it's all about Delaware and how it annoys me. How only 20 percent of the population is black in the entire state, the state only has about 800,000 people total, so you're bound to see the same ignorant ass folks over and over and over again. Yes, I really need to get out of here.

Damn: The best curseword of them all. It appears in the Bible, it's not as harsh as the f-word, s-word, or anything like that. Even though I used ass in the above paragraph, go figure. However, a well placed damn can clear your senses and let you move on from whatever just annoyed the hell out of you. Oh well, I'm just a cursing someone aren't I?

Dancing: Timid as I can be, behind closed doors, I love to dance. I'm definitely among an elite group of folks who love to lip-synch and dance along to their favorite songs. I'm actually going through a little routine for "Little Red Corvette" by Prince as we speak. Sometimes a good dance session, say rehearsing the dance steps from New Edition's "If it isn't love" video can serve as much needed exercise and a way to party a little bit. So if you want to see me dance, you'll have to peek through my bedroom window, I still don't club or party.


  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger T Dot said…

    I'm so going to request "little red corvette" in Indy...

  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger journiemajor said…

    LOL yeah I'm hoping and praying that these people pay for me to go to Indy, b/c I neeeeeeeeeeed to see this. I already have the image in my mind, I just need to see if it matches up, LOL!!!!

  • At 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    DX rox sha0me if u dnt like them hahahahahaha i am shawn michaels and ur not and im friends with paul i mean hunter i mean hhh as u people will no him as. my real name is michael hickenbottom and you can all suck it and my wife rebecca says so too(shes annoying and blonde and i love blondes)actually she has black hair but she acts blonde i luv blondes. hi paul i wonder what vince is going to make us do next. if u c this email me at (my new email)dntn email my old one eva eva eva agen my wife knows my password. say hi 2 steph and your unborn child for me. txt my fone wen shez in labour if we're on holiday. O and hi 2 my fans. i luv u and god bless you all(even the hippies). especially janelle judson my biggest fan who sends me cool letters every month!!!!!
    God bless your beautiful soul.

  • At 7:23 AM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    why are you hiding ya dancin skills? i'm just sayin! tdot's requesting prince. i'm requesting new edition! i love that song anyway! lmao!!


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