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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Incomplete thoughts on the Duke insanity

At 24 years old, I like to think my naivete isn't what it used to be. The halcyon days of Chris Stevens believing something just because it was told to him are so far gone. So why am I not buying this whole "no DNA means no rape" monologue being performed by the Duke Lacrosse team's attorneys? Simple, faithful TPGS readers. Because it's not true.

O.K., Kobe Bryant was stupid enough (or blinded by snow bunny lust, whichever you prefer) to not cover up his mistake in Eagle, CO three summers ago, and he had to endure public humiliation and a long process of having to rebuild his image. But Kobe didn't have the benefit of a college education, whether that's his fault or not is another story. These kids at a $43,000-a-year university aren't exactly low on the totem pole of intelligence.

That said, my theory is either they were smart enough to use condoms while assaulting this woman, or one of the players followed through on the suggestion of using a broom as a sex toy, or in this case, an assualt weapon. And if you think that broom is still sitting in that house, you are out of your mind. There's too much white privlege for these kids to even be charged, and it's quite unfortunate, because I really don't believe this woman is lying. We're talking about at least 46 white men, two black women, in a southern town where there's been a divisive element as far as race goes for quite sometime. This should be a case of putting two and two together, DNA evidence be damned.

What's really sad about this is that black women really could have irreperable damage done to their God-Given rights as human beings to live life without being sexually accosted and harassed by white men, which hasn't been widely reported, but you can believe it happens. All of it just reeks of bad news for society in general, no matter if anyone is found guilty or not.


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