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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I say that simply because after last weekend, in which three road teams pulled off major victories, Home held serve in this weekend's games, and for better of for worse, the top two seeds from each conference will face eachother in their championship games. Here's how it happened.

Pittsburgh 20, NY Jets 17 (OT)

I don't care, if I was Herman Edwards, I would cut Doug Brien six ways from Sunday....yes, you're fired. He choked twice in a two minute span, in a game the Jets should've had. To miss a field goal that far left is inexcuseable, regardless of where the ball is spotted. But give credit to Bill Cowher for believing in his boys to get it done, and props to Hines Ward for becoming Ben Roethlisberger's keeper down the stretch to keep the game alive. For the fourth time under Cowher, the Steelers will host the AFC title game, trying to keep their remarkable winning streak and season alive.

Atlanta 47, St. Louis 17

Legendary Broadcaster Dick Stockton said it best on Fox's broadcast of the game last night; "If this was a fight, they'd stop it." The Falcons A-town Stomped all over the Rams to get to the NFC Championship game for only the second time in team history. Needless to say Michael Vick was running circles around St. Louis, but Warrick Dunn ran like he was a young Buccaneer again, and that has to be a positive for the Dirty Birds going into their big one next week. The Rams didn't help themselves with the dropped balls, and Mike Martz's aversion to running the ball will keep the Rams from getting far in the playoffs.

Philadelphia 27, Minnesota 14

So much for that rust. The Eagles went ahead and made quick work of the Vikings, and Freddie Mitchell's trash talk was backed up by a superb performance, including one of THE SINGLE LUCKIEST BOUNCES you will ever see in an NFL game. Donovan McNabb hooked up with L.J. Smith near the goal line, but Smith got popped and the ball went flying FredEx in the end zone for the touchdown. Maybe that's a sign. A lucky sign. Philly kept the pressure on Daunte Culpepper, and Randy Moss didn't shake anything but more heads with his lazy play. For the fourth straight year, the third time at home, the Iggles will be one step away from the Super Bowl.

New England 20, Indianapolis 3

This is slowly becoming Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain against the Celtics in the 1960's. I swear, no matter what Peyton Manning does, New England and Bill Belichick seem to have his number. Although once again, the conditions were not the best, the Pats just imposed their will on the Colts' D, and the Indy 500, as Chris Berman calls their offense, did not have a chance to run wild. The Patriots will go on the road, much like they did during their first Super Bowl run, to battle the Steelers one more time. We'll see how it goes down. More on these matchups later in the week. Peace and chicken grease to all.


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