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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tallahassee Take-down

It's been a while since a Hornet football team has beaten Florida A&M. So long, that the President Clinton term in question was the "I did not inhale" era. So with Delaware State's 21-17 season opening win over the Rattlers, the Hornets finally got revenge for 12 years of beatdowns and close games that didn't quite go their way. The Hornet defense, led by potential I-AA defensive player of the year(yeah I said it) Sam Smith, gave the offense good field positon all night long, and while they only scored one touchdown (Rodney Roy's game winning 1-yard plunge with 8:42 left in the fourth quarter), kicker Peter Gaertner gave the Rattlers das boot four times, a new team record for field goals in a game.

Vashon Winton played like your typical redshirt freshman QB; pretty good in some spots, rushed and hurried in others, but overall, 12-21 for 119 yards to six different receivers doesn't look so bad when you win. The two interceptions were overthrown balls by a kid who was excited in his first collegiate start, so once he realizes he doesn't need to go for the end zone everytime, his arm should be fine. Would love to see him get out and run a little more though.

For all the Rodney Roy questions folks had coming into the season, 27 carries for 90 yards doesn't look too bad, especially the 24 yard dash to the goal line he had to set-up his game winner. A quick change of direction left the sideline open until a Rattler bowled into his right leg (a dirty play I felt), but Roy wasn't hurt and kept plugging away until he reached across the goal line to give the Hornets a lead that would stand up.

And in the MLK Student Center auditorium, the Hornet faithful stood up and cheered for their team, who might just have a different look, swagger, and feel to their game, now that they are no longer snakebitten.


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