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Friday, February 02, 2007

Some things will never change...

It was a bitterly cold Monday night-turned-Tuesday morning a week and a half ago when I was returning from the ESPNU-televised win by the DSU men's basketball team over Norfolk State, a cold that can best be described in two northeastern terms; "Brick" and of course, "the Hawk." Hood on my trusty gray hoodie up, skull cap covering my afro'd head and arms shoved in the pockets, I really had no idea that I would be dealing with some complete and utter nonsense in the unmistakbly freezing late January air. Until I passed a group of -- ugh -- females in front of the William C. Jason library. "Aye sexy," one girl called out. I kept walking. "So you're just gonna ignore me like that? I can't get your number or anything?" I kept walking. Finally after about the fourth "can you stop," I turned halfway and said "what?" She comes up to me and I say "you don't know what's under this hood."

She looks closer and responds "a sexy man. What's your name?"
"I'mma look you up on Facebook, o.k.?"
"Uh-huh, sure."

I've seen that ugly bitch at least four times since then and she's never said a word to me. This is why I have an unbelievably misogynistic view of women in general because they all seem to find a way to piss me off. The reason I kept walking after the first couple of times she spoke was because that has happened to me before; a chick trying to hit on a "not-so-attractive" dude on a dare from their friends. After a while, I got tired of being the butt of some chickenhead joke and just ignored the "aye sexy" foolishness from that point on. Against my better judgement, I responded and even though it took a while to play out, the joke, once again, was on me.

So what am I to do? What can I do to change my luck with women? That's just it; I can't. You figure losing weight would at least get me some measure of respect (39 pounds and counting, if you're scoring at home), but apparently no matter what I do, I'll always be a joke to these women. Just in the last seven days alone, I've been called a GDI (Goddamned Individual) by a Delta (not one from DSU) who looks like her mother had an affair with Dumbo, given goofy stares by more of DSU's finest walrus-looking hoes, and almost let some busted local Dover chick bum a free meal off of me.

Sadly, there's not much I can do to reverse the trend of women playing me to the left (to the left...) without seeming like a bitter, mean, evil, misogynistic so and so, not to mention the usual jabs at my looks that females take when I call them out on their bullshit. So why do I continue to talk about it? Because it clears my sinuses, that's why. No seriously, I just think out loud because it's better than holding it in and it explodes later on. Although, this could be considered an explosion.

I've outlined at least 15 incidents over the 13 months I've had this blog where women have continually made a fool of me in some way shape form or fashion. The words of that classic Bruce Hornsby song comes to mind (to you music amateurs, no Pac didn't come up with it first); "That's just the way it is; some things will never change." Women treating me like crap? The way it is. Will it change? Highly unlikely.

Bruce however, was optimistic in his 1986 hit about racism, saying "oh, but don't you believe that," at the end of the chorus. Sadly, I don't know if I share his hopeful outlook when it comes to the opposite sex.


  • At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Dreamlover said…

    Trust me all women are not like that.

    Sense of humor and personality is definetly much more important to me than looks/weight. REALLY!!!

    Don't give up hope on women, we are not all bad, or trying to talk to you due to a dare!

  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger T Dot said…

    I can understand you're mad, but maybe instead of letting these chickens get you down, you can have a little fun with them.

    They try to play a joke on you, go along with it for a while and then just smash them to pieces with the trademark wit we all know and love. Or just brush it off. either way, you can't continue to let these people determine how you feel. They don't deserve to have that power and you deserve better.

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger Duck said…

    Ditto T-Dot. Like, word-for-word.

  • At 11:36 AM, Anonymous KLC said…

    I agree with Duck and T Dot. It kind of goes along what I've told you before. Your situation will change when you change. Instead of letting it get you down, find a way to let it empower you. The problem (one of them, anyway) is that you put entirely too much weight into how women view you. It's like when you look for a job. Don't pray that they'll love you and hire you, like they have all the cards. Pray, instead, that they'll have what it takes to win you over and make you want to accept their offer.

  • At 2:23 AM, Anonymous CNEL said…

    I hate cruel witches (with a b), and I still don't get game playing.

    I agree with those who say you've got to hold onto hope.

    The fact is you have to be prepared for that moment, when you have the opportunity to ensure your own happiess while ensuring someone else's.

    It'll come, I don't know if that saying there's someone for everybody is true. I for one hope there's more than one, in case someone screws up :-)!


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