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Monday, October 30, 2006

October re-cap

Alright, since I haven't been as active on The Post Game Show as I would like to be, I'm taking time-out to just randomly recap the month that was (and has been, seeing as there's another day to go), and just get a lot of thoughts out in the open that need to be processed and purged before I move forward into November. So much to say and so little time so let's get it while I still have a decent train of thought.

The Hornet football team is probably the most anonymous conference co-leader in the history of Black College Football. Well, aside from that year A&T stunned everybody in 2003, but walking around campus, there is no buzz about this team potentially making the I-AA playoffs for the first time in school history. As good as the men's basketball team is and deserving of the props they get, I feel bad for the football players who are working hard to win a title, and then have maybe 2000 people at the game with South Carolina State Saturday night. These kids could care less about football, and it's unfortunate.

Cold weather be damned, if you had any school spirit, you'd be out there bundled up cheering your team on to victory. You can't be biased towards one team, and show no love to the others on campus. I guess the team motto is right. How many folks care about this potentially great DSU football team? "One Hornet."

I haven't driven my car in three months, and I'm making it better than I thought I would. Of course I miss it, but it has forced me to get used to walking around to get where I want to go, and it's stopped me from fast food dining nightly (although I miss Glasgow Deli's cheesesteaks like CRAZY).

Apparently my car is going in the shop this week, so let's hope I get this thing back before Thanksgiving. Honestly, I get tired of having to rely on shadetree mechanics and nig-rigged tactics to get my car back on the road, not to mention the foolishness takes forever to get done. This is why graduation is so important. So I can get a real job to take my car to a real mechanic, or buy a new car entirely. Just another reason to keep my focus this school year.

As far as my classes, my midterm grades were better than I thought; I'm passing my classes. Talk about thanking God for small favors. All I need to do is keep my focus and knock this semester out. If I do that, the spring semester, minus one job and the stress that comes with working with certain folks, should be a breeze. 05/20/07....who's ready? I am.

I stepped on a scale two weeks ago to find that I'm at my lowest weight in at least two years, and that's still pretty high, but it's good to know that being busy, eating fruit, and walking around can actually benefit me a little bit. However, long before I stepped on that scale, I was beginning to feel comfortable with myself, inside and out, so the weight loss was just the icing on the cake. Of course the last couple of weeks, I've fallen off the wagon somewhat, but I will be back on very soon, especially since I'm planning to get this morning run started soon.

Direct Deposit is a helluva drug. Of course, there was nothing like getting up to walk over to the admin building to see if the cashier's office had your check, but now, the miracle of being able to just check your account online 11:30 Thursday night is a wonderful thing. I usually get the best night's sleep after that, and if you're hustling (legally) to keep some money in your pocket, I know you feel me as to why that is.

I have a couple of journalism related issues that await my attention, and those obviously will go to Ten95, and I'm not holding anything back. Let's just say the number of black beat writers for HBCU sports teams is sadly lacking, and that bothers me. Along with the current direction of my place of employment, but of course, more on that later.

Finally, I still have my issues with women, but slowly but surely, the fears of consistently being played to the left in public are subsiding. Small steps sure, but I routinely clown around with this cute chick in my physics class, among small positive interactions with other females. I guess they ain't all bad.

So this is pretty much all I wanted to say, so once the Hornet football season ends (which might not be anytime soon, ha!), I'll be back posting with my usual fervor. I haven't gone anywhere, y'all :)


  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger spchrist said…

    What's wrong with your car?

  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    My brakes finally caught up with me, and at a bad time financially.


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