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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

2-0 Hornets and other random thoughts

So for the first time since my first year as sports editor the Hornet newspaper (2002, damn I've been around a while), The Delaware State football team has won its first two games of the season, and not a moment too soon.

This coming Saturday, they begin arguably the toughest three-game stretch any MEAC team has this year. Over the next three weeks, the Hornets are set to do battle with defending I-AA champion James Madison, an up-and-coming program in Costal Carolina, and the reigning MEAC champion Hampton Pirates...all on the road.

While the schedule is more frightening than Condoleeza Rice in a two-piece, this team obviously shows no fear from what I gathered when talking to them after Saturday's 38-6 win over Division II Millersville. The players I talked to (Rodney Roy, Shaheer McBride, and Vashon Winton) along with coach Lavan seemed eager for the challenge of taking on some of Division I-AA's top football programs.

And if anything can give the Hornets confidence, it's the knowledge that they have one over the Pirates, who are probably still steaming over last October's Alumni Stadium miracle win. It should be a pretty good test of this team's character and heart. Like I said on MEACFans, this could be the start of something special, or a long slow trip back to Earth. Only time will tell which one it is.

Katrina's aftermath

After the most devastating hurricane possible destroyed one of the South's cornerstones, the idiocy of the Bush administration has come out of the closet, and now Americans are starting to see what kind of moron the man 51% of this country elected is. These folks pretty much have to start their lives over, more than likely somewhere else because it took these good old boys FIVE DAYS to get down there and get those people some help, not to mention at least having the common sense to order a federal evacuation, because they knew that Katrina was one tree people did not want to climb. I guess the good to come out of this is that celebrities and athletes are really getting behind the cause, Shaq and his wife are going to rent 400 apartments for displaced folks throughout the region, and it's just beautiful to see that these folks who have the ability to help some people who really need some assistance are truly are giving back. It's a shame that the federal government can't do the same.

Women, or at least those who claim to be...

I've held off on ranting about personal subjects because sports is the reason I started this blog, but for the love of Robin Givens, some things need to be cleared up ASAP. I really think in my last life I was a player. Really, I must've treated women like crap and had more chicks between my sheets then Essence (sup, Hov), because that is the only explanation I have as to why females at this school (and worldwide apparently) are so superficial, shallow, and evil.

At DSU (not sure about anywhere else) it breaks down like this...if you're not a frat, an athlete, a thug or a prettyboy, and God forbid you weigh more than 165 pounds, you're shit out of luck. It's almost hilarious because those girls who chase those same guys are heartbroken when Mr. Broke Phi Broke or the star of the game doesn't call back after getting the goodies.

But it just isn't Del State. One broad (who shall remain nameless) saw fit to try and make me look stupid after she called herself "being nice" by giving me compliments or whatever, but then turned right around and started demeaning me because I wasn't her type, but all these things are a lesson, and while I have no intention of going interracial or jumping orientation fences, let's just say I'm done trying to understand these chickadees for now. I doubt I'll ever understand them at all.


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