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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, it took two full years, but finally here we are. This is post number 100, and since I don't have any special format, I think I'm just going to open up and talk about whatever comes to mind.

First thing I'm thinking about is my future. As those who read may or may not know, I won't be marching in two weeks due to me bombing a class, so I'll have to make that up in Summer Session I. And truth be told? I'm alright with that. Although in a previous entry, I hyped it up as my first graduation ceremony in 20 years going back to Kindergarten, I really didn't give a damn about the ceremony too much. It's just been important for me to finish, get the degree and get a job in my beloved field. Editors and recruiters aren't gonna give a damn to the point they want to see Zapruder film of you walking across the stage, experience speaks for itself in this business, the degree just gets their attention a bit faster. So once I finish this class in June, I'll be worried about the rest of my life. It's almost like God has given me a reprieve, an extra six weeks to get things together so I will be ready for the Real World and all it entails. So I'm not really looking at it as a setback, just a break. A much-needed break.

My college experience has been less than exciting and memorable, and while I do wonder what could have been if I tried to get along and make friends here, I'm not going to regret anything once I leave DSU. I'll have what I was ultimately here for; a meaningful degree and some experience in my industry, and I got that and then some. I will say I've met a handful of people who have proven themselves to be better people than I give the student body credit for being, and I'm glad to know them. Everybody else is just a face in the crowd for homecomings to come.

R. Kelly's estranged wife Andrea gave Essence Magazine an interview recently, and I've come to one conclusion; that broad is nutty. Out of her mind, you hear me?! First of all, she showed how easily The World's Greatest (Child Molester) swayed her when they met by talking about how he won her over with "Yo mama" jokes. Jonin'? Really? Methinks if this assclown had burped the intro to the Gettysburg Address, she would've given up the drawers.

And near the end she acts as if she had been shot when Natalie Moore asked her had she seen the tape, telling people to check their morals. Ma'am, you're married to a man that not only cheated on you for the world to see, but with A FREAKIN' TEENAGER! Where's your head at?! As anyone who knows me knows, I love to make fun of R. Kelly at all times, vowing to do so until he's in jail. Yet, if this woman, like many others in society, continue to cover up for him, looks like I'll be cracking jokes on him for a long time.

Ne-Yo's not playing fair. He's just not. Ever since I found out he wrote "Unfaithful" for Rihanna and "Irreplaceable" for Beyonce, I've waged a one-man strike against anything Ne-Yo-related. He's making it hard to hate on him with the song "Because of you." This cut harkens back to the days of 1980s R&B that not only had some meaning but some serious grooves as well. I might have to put my hands over my ears and say "I'm not listening" the next time I hear it. Well, that's not going to work seeing as I'm listening to it as I write this entry.

My real favorite song these days is "Anonymous" by Bobby Valentino. Timabaland strikes again. Last summer, it was Promiscuous non-stop for me. Now I'm asking my female friends "why you gotta be anonymous?!" Timbo, you a wild boy. Keep it up though.

I lost one pound last month, increasing the weight loss total to 41, but this summer will really be a test of how strong I am. No real classes, no scheduled trips to the weight room or the Memorial Hall gym (my freshman hoop partners are obviously gone next week), and no meal card. I'm going to have to will myself to stay away from the fried foods and keep chowing down on apples and oranges. Strangely, I never have a jonesing for sodas anymore. I've been drinking water non-stop for two years now, and that's really helped with the process, even improving my skin to near flawless status. It really does work y'all, you should try it. I'll just have to get strong because last summer showed that if I had any focus, I would have lost 65-70 pounds by now. However, this descent into the Real World should limit time to eat. At least I'm hoping it will.

Finally, a thought about the blog itself. When I started The Post Game Show in January of '05, I never would've imagined that it would become a networking tool which has helped me meet some new friends and different faces in the media world. So I want to thank you guys for reading, comment, taking me to task, laughing, and more importantly allowing me into your lives via the blogs. Hopefully the next 100 will be just as fun as the first 100 was.


  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Vdizzle said…

    Who is this ho married to R. Kelly? but think about it all. If all he wants is immature teenagers, how grown can this dumb chick be?
    And 'yo mama' jokes?

    In the real world, I guarantee you will have less time to eat, but make sure in that short time, you aren't eating fast food.

    I wuuuuv Neo. He ain't the most attractive thing, but I love his music.

  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger spchrist said…

    The important thing is that you finish. The timeline is irrelevant in the long run. Good luck with all that.

  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger journiemajor said…

    Yay! Just make sure you try to stick to your guns with healthy eating. And yes, there will be times you fall of the wagon, but this chick on Oprah said it best (yeah, yeah I know) but I figured it out a little bit before then. One binge is not going to make/keep you fat. One oreo cookie is not going to make/keep you fat. It's the whole row of cookies. So just realize if you fall off and have a cheeseburger, or if you have the double quarter pounder w/cheese meal supersized....that doesn't mean you have to blow the rest of your meals. Just move on like it didn't happen. Don't dwell on it.

    And get ya hustle on with the job, but remember it'll come when it is supposed to

  • At 1:08 PM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    i ain't have all this alleged fun for the first 100!!! hahahaha.

    neyo is NOT sexy. but don't buy his album. you'll be kickin yourself and tryin to hold your ears for a long time. its pretty good.

    just keep workin out. the real world is an ass kicker. esp. in this field. you will be working in the middle of the night and/or weekends and exhausted when you get done. you get used to eating b.s.

    i HATE r. child molester. he's horrific!! and i'm sick of the black community buyin his trash. who care's if he makes "good music" nbc need to catch that damn predator.

    i LOVE anonymous. that song is hot. wasn't impressed w/timbo's album tho. how bout you stick to producing for others k boo? thanks. irreplaceable is wack. and could you ask ya girl rihanna to not only stop singing, but also not to pick such dumb topics as um-buh-rella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay. gtfohwtbs. ugh!!!

  • At 1:13 AM, Anonymous CNEL said…

    I'm with SP and Journie.

    Don't be putting yourself on no timetrack for validation, just focus on life and being successful at staying true to you.

    Good luck with summer session.

    Send me some of your wil power. U can UPS it, or Fed Ex it LoL.

    Laughin at Jameil and "NBC need to catch that damn predator" love her for that.


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