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Monday, June 11, 2007

Interview with Chris

I volunteered to be interviewed by Jameil (What? Yes I'm sober, thank you) for this interesting little meme that's going around the blogsphere, so here are the five questions she asked and my five answers in great detail.

1) Push bitter to the back. What is your dream girl like?
The bitter? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Well, to answer honestly and truthfully, my dream girl (who I would hope would make me happy, yeah!) would be a lot of things to just one guy, me of course. She'd be caring and sweet, not to the point where it's nauseating, but a girl that can love me and care about me for who I am instead of dwelling on what I'm not is a plus. I'm kind of a sucker for a girl who will call me pet names, so for any woman interested in me; a "baby" here and a "sweetie" there goes a lonnng way. Also, she'd be ridiculously brilliant. I love, love, LOVE a smart woman, one that can talk about more than celebrity gossip and that chick at work that gets on her nerves. If we can talk about Senator Obama, racism, sports (yeah, that's important to me), education, the state of black music, we'll have a lot in common and get along great.

She'd also be firm and have a pretty clear sense of what direction to go in. I'm a Libra, so I'm taking forever to weigh the scales properly as is, so I need a woman who's going to say "wait-- this is what needs to be done and this is how we should do it." I don't necessarily equate that with me being wimpy or her being bossy, I need someone in my corner who's going to at least nudge me in the right direction.

Honesty is probably the key to it all, I was raised in a family of women who keep it 100 at all times, so if you can't be honest and real with me, then chances are it won't work, because I absolutely can't stand liars and people who aren't honest.

Looks are probably the least important thing, even though like most men I turn into putty for a pretty face and a dynamite body, but if she has the characteristics I listed above, then that really doesn't matter, as long as I like looking at her. Hopefully she'll like looking at me as well.

2) If you hadn't gone to Del State, in an ideal world, where would you have gone?
True story? Hampton. Yeah yeah yeah. I fell in love with Hampton on a black college tour visit when I was 16, and although all the schools we went to (A&T, Bowie State, North Carolina Central, Morehouse just to name a few) caught my attention, there were so many things about Hampton that just stood out and won me over. It should've inspired me to get on my grind in high school, but I didn't. Oh well, God had a different plan for me, and obviously as much as the people at DSU irk my life, the school itself gave me a great opportunity to hone my skills and get a degree. That's what counts, right?

For a close second, I didn't discover the wonder of Howard University until I started trekking there for MEAC showdowns in football and basketball, but I like the urban campus and the women there are top notch...oh yeah, the school of Communications is pretty solid as well.

3) What's the best experience (outside of the newspaper) of your college career?
I honestly never had any real "damn, this is what college is supposed to be like" experiences. I only attended one homecoming concert (2001, the infamous Beanie Sigel concert where he dissed the hell out of Jadakiss and Philly cats nearly took Memorial Hall apart they were so excited), I never involved myself in any activities outside of the Hornet and I never went to a party. Yes. Never went to a college party.

People will forever question why I never did the things that normal college students did, but the answer has always been a simple one in my eyes, and the answer is that those things just aren't me. I would've loved to have the camaraderie with my roommates (who have all sucked except for maybe two), I was steady wishing on the stars for the fairytale "meet your spouse at college" romance that never came, but things didn't work out in my favor in those instances. I still don't trust too many people, which makes it impossible to be social and get along with folks, and DSU girls were worse than the girls from my neighborhood who chastised me for carrying books instead of bricks and dime sacks.

The greatest experiences at DSU were with the paper, because my co-workers never judged me on outward appearance or my quirky personality; hell, they actually embraced it. They allowed Chris to be "Hucklebuck" and not have to apologize for it, and I'll always be grateful to them. The late night, pre-Quark, hand-drawn layout and editing sessions we had until dawn playing old school jams, the inside jokes, all of those things I couldn't have gotten with the whole campus population. And the sports-related things go without saying.

I'm very particular about who I choose to share things with and who I allow to get to know me, because there have been times in my life where I've been burned by people who I thought I could trust, and I've made the decision to tighten up my circle some, even though it seems like I have a lot of friends, I really don't. There are a select few who I am comfortable with sharing things with and they know who they are. NONE of them are at DSU, that much is certain.

4) we know you don't like mac and cheese, how can you earn back your black card?
I didn't know it had been taken from me, even though the threat has been made several times since I hate Mac N' Cheese, but I don't know how I can gain it back. I mean I'm pretty damn good with the electric slide, I used to drink my Kool-Aid out of mayonnaise jars (my mother hated that), it would probably take a hearing with the black card parole board to see what I can do to earn it back. I still think I've got it by virtue of my recycling skills.

5) if you were a woman, what would be the first thing you would do?
O.D. on PMS products. I get misty-eyed when I stub my toe...I couldn't IMAGINE having a period. I'd probably be a spy of sorts, going around asking girls what kinda foolishness goes through their minds when they think about men and such, and then when I went back to being a man I'd report it to the fellas so we'd have a better chance of surviving with y'all. And in the meantime as a woman, I hope no dude would ever touch me. I'd probably be a lesbian for real.

If anyone has any more questions they want to ask or if you would like for me to interview you so you can put this in your blog, feel free to place those requests and questions in the comments.


  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    o.m.g. i didn't know how you'd react to the last question and hesitated to ask it but it was by FAR the best answer. well other than the obvious!! "oh hampton a thought sent from heaven above to be a great soul's inspiration" (i got up, sang it (both verses) and danced.) howard is used to being no. 2 so its cool.

    men are physically strong in some respects but the squeamishness and pain threshold y'all have!! omg! i'm always like wtf??? real talk, this bootleg pre-menstral formula in the medicine cabinet at work is now the only thing i want to take. maybe that's tmi but you opened the door.

    maaaaaaaaaaan i had so much fun in college at those parties. WOW! i should do some posts about it. for real the good ol days. wow wow wow. ihad a BALL!

    vomit at koolaid out of mayo jars. i really dry heaved just now. i knew you were gonna bring up koolaid. why there gotta be a parole board? whatchu tryin to say about black people?

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Mademoiselle M said…

    ha. i love number 5!

  • At 6:44 PM, Blogger Vdizzle said…

    First Chris, your women will be super smart, but you two will never talk about it. You two will spend your days cracking on badly dressed people and making up new R. Kelly jokes. Lol.

    As far as the pain men can take, they are the worse. I knew huge football players who would come from practice whining because someone fell on them a certain way.

    WTH!?!? You play the roughest sport in the world. Shut up!!

  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger T Dot said…

    Your questions are up on my blog. Interview me!


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