The Post Game Show

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because I'm a goofball of epic proportions...

Silly poetry about Softball Crush

Ode to women's softball diva

Hey chocolate girl in them tight softball pants
A brother wants to get closer so we can do the forbidden dance
When you went around second, that outstanding onion was switching so glorious
Almost had me cockeyed like the late great Notorious
You cover centerfield so nicely, snatching balls out of mid-air
I wonder if you can catch a good stroke from the back as I pull on your weave hair
Manager tells me your spoken for, but that can't stop me from dreamin'
You'll be yelling "go for home daddy" while that puddykitten is creamin'
I go to games you play when I don't even have to work.
Why? Well, that's just to watch you work.


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