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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Holla at a playa when you see him in the RenCen

Well cats and kittens, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted here, but I'm back, and with a meaningful post; Detroit. I traveled with a rowdy group of football players, coaches, and distinguished DSU administrators via airplane to the Motor City for our game with Florida A&M this weekend. The experience of a covering a football game at something as large, modern and legit as Ford Field, along with seeing Frankie Beverly and Maze perform after the game, was something that I enjoyed thoroughly and am going to cherish for a very long time.

Some highlights from this weekend getaway include;

- The game itself. There was a lot of questioning going on around the MEAC last season after DSU beat FAM at Bragg Stadium, saying it was a fluke and it wouldn't happen again. Well, it did. Big time. Two quick defensive touchdowns by Detroit native Stephon Hopkins and 2006 MEAC defensive player of the year (I'm calling it now) Russell Reeves ignited the Hornets to a 34-14 win, and DSU is now in FIRST PLACE IN THE MEAC! WHOO-HOO! O.K., so this is the only conference game that's been played so far, but still...good stuff.

- Kelley showing me around the newsroom. She was kind enough to give my clueless ass quick tour of downtown Detroit and a pretty good walk through of her place of employment which is a legit newsroom, with different floors and things of that nature. I really really want to graduate so I can get a job in a big newsroom and just do my thing.

- Frankie Beverly and Maze rocking Ford Field. I've now been to three concerts in my life; New Edition and Heavy D in the Spectrum, January of '89, our 2001 homecoming concert (my first and only one at DSU), and now Frankie Beverly and Maze. Those cats give you your money's worth (even though the whole weekend was free for me), and Frankie can still deliver a song and have women 18 to 80 screaming for him.

- My second flight. Just about two weeks after my first time in the air, I had to get ready to fly again and this time was different because it was less quiet than the trip to Indy, but still no major problems, no freaking out from me, so it was great. I can get used to this flying business.

- My angst of not getting to look at Hitsville. I was pissed all weekend at that foolishness. I told anybody that would listen that I was going to re-enact the Paul Williams/Papa was a rolling stone scene from the Tempts movie. You know the one; "I'ma be a Temptation FOR-EVER!"...Minus, of course, blowing my brains out. Unfortunately, Hitsville wasn't in said plans, but I'll be back, and when I do, somebody will get to witness my foolery at its best.

- Seeing another new city. I can now say that I've seen some of the Midwest and it's kinda cool. I was all southbound after graduation, still have love for the South, but if I had an opporunity in the Midwest, It'd be hard for me to turn it down. Traveling in general is starting to appeal to me, now that there's proof that there's a world outside of Delaware and DSU. And I look foward to seeing it all.

So that's pretty much my life. The life of a sportswriter. Traveling one day, writing a game story the next. And since I've done that already I'm on chill for the rest of the weekend, reminiscing on my maiden voyage to the Motor City.


  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger X Factor said…

    Yeah, hope those Hornets are ready to clash with HU soon... you guys got lucky with that #1 in the MEAC thing because our game was nonconference (Grambling), but enjoy it while it lasts :) In the meantime, why does have the standings in the MEAC all messed up? It has Hampton, Delaware State at 0-1 instead of 1-0 and FAMU as 1-0 (instead of 0-1)... sigh, Sturart Scott doesn't care about Black people!!

  • At 8:09 PM, Blogger M-Dubb said…

    But why, why, WHY did u not make it to Hitsville?

    You should've gotten some Pizza Papalis, too. And why does Frankie Beverly and Maze count as a highlight. They need top take their asses back to that nursing home.

  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    SOUTH! how dare you say #1 in the meac when hu hasn't had a conference game. you are WILIN. get outta here. x is goin all over the world w/her plight. ROCK THE BLUE AND WHITE!

  • At 9:00 PM, Anonymous KLC said…

    Welcome to Detroit City!
    Glad you had a good time. Next time you're in town, I'll take you over to Hitsville. But you'll cry. I'm warning you. It's emotional. :)
    I'll also take you to a Coney Island. And I'm warning you. You'll cry. It's emotional. ;-)


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