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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Interview

The questions have come from that paragon of sweetness and sarcasm, T-Dot, so check out this interview and enjoy yo'self. It's a celebration.

1. What's the most important thing in life to you? Why and give us the story behind it.
Good question. I have no idea. I wish I could say life itself but that's obvious. I'd probably have to say the gifts I've been given with writing because it saved me from a life of mediocrity and of course as is the case with this blog, it's given me an outlet to express my frustrations and gripes with life, school, women, R. Kelly...all of that good stuff. If I couldn't write, I'm not sure what I would do with myself.

2. Where would you love to report - and on what? (No boundaries) far as the what, my goal is to reach the plateau that so many of my favorite writers in the business and that is the Super Bowl. That whole week in a more than likely exotic locale (Miami, Tampa, San Diego, etc.) covering the biggest event in sports from all angles (game strategy, feature stories on a player with a great personal story or outstanding personality, etc.) would definitely be a shining moment in my career that I would take FULL advantage of. Now as far as the where, not much has changed, I still want to live and work in the South because the Northeast has been nothing short of a nightmare, and I want to experience life in an area that doesn't seem to be such a wasteland.

3. We all want to be happy. What would do it for you?
I honestly don't have an answer for that. I've never been a happy person, or at least since I first discovered I was fat as a fourth grader. Even though I'm losing weight now and making inroads on improving my body, I still feel like an outcast because of who I am and what my personality is like, and of course being a solo act gets to be boring most of the time. I definitely want to be happy, but as far as what it takes, I don't know. Could it be being slim and trim? Being swarmed by adoring members of the opposite sex? I don't know. My potential career gives me great satisfaction, but all work and no play won't cut it.

4. Embarrassing story from high school. Come with it.
Are you kidding, my entire high school years was one big embarrassment after another. Well just to pick one story, this happened when I played football senior year of high school. Thursday afternoon practice was a casual practice because we had a Friday night game at Woodbridge High. We were fooling around playing pickup football before we went over the game plan, and in the middle of catching a pass, the elastic came out of my shorts and everybody saw a side of Chris Stevens that NOBODY wanted to see. It was a full moon at 3:15 in the afternoon, and since some girls were loitering around the practice field, laughs and giggles came from ALL directions. Talk about embarrassing.

5. Give us five things that make you happy about yourself. And explain why they do what they do.
You're trying to sabotage me aren't you? Just want me to be a little lad that loves Berries and Creme, don'tcha? O.K., I'll try. One thing is my sense of humor, which you guys apparently think is top notch. I always was the kid cracking knock-knock jokes at family get-togethers and I sharpened my act in my many hours alone in high school and college and I've become the witty tour de force you guys know and love. I guess it's important because life is dull with out laughter, even I can admit that.

Another thing is the fact that if I want to figure something out, I'll do it. The thirst for knowledge and the dedication to seek it has always been one of my stronger points. While it's been lacking considering the amount of time I've spent at DSU, but if it's something that interests me, I'll go to great lengths to learn about it and become knowledgeable about it.

(You know this is a struggle for me, right?) I guess another thing would be my personality. When I'm in the right frame of mind, I'm not that bad to be around, even though I am an admitted misanthrope. My trust in humanity is gone, so everybody's guilty until proven innocent, no matter who it is. If I happen to trust you, then you get the better side of Chris.

Despite the fact I'm not completely high on my physical being, I still have a serious routine when it comes to hygiene and upkeep. For example, I do realize I've been blessed with some decent skin, so I go through a ritual every day to keep it fresh. 1) Wash my face thoroughly and vigorously with Dove Sensitive Skin Soap. 2) Clear out pores with any kind of astringent (Neutrogena does the trick most of the time). 3) Palmer's Coach Butter for moisturizing purposes. And voila; the GOAT of chocolate skinned brothers. At least I like to think I am.

Finally, I guess I can say that I have a side that isn't afraid to stop and smell the roses as they say. Walking around Dover these summer nights has opened my eyes to nature somewhat, especially coming up McKee road just when the sun begins to set and the sky is so many different hues and colors. On a clear night, there's nothing prettier to see and it stops you and makes you think like "wow...that really is something."

So there, those are five things? Are ya happy? Sheesh.


  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger T Dot said…

    I'm ecstatic! (If that's spelled right.) Good answers!

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    know what? i for one would like to thank t dot for makin this dude speak highly of himself about something.

    a little lad that loves Berries and Creme!?!?!?! o.m.G!!! no but really i DIED!! so freakin hilarious. you know you are. complete with the finish. FANtastic. you know your first super bowl will be in alaska, right, mr. exotic locale? lol. but it'll be the SUPER BOWL!!! so who even cares?

    AND for a finish, ya h.s. story was fab. hahahaha. i know i'm rubbing it in but h.s. was like 15 years ago right? so you'll be aight.

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger Vdizzle said…

    You damn right the South rocks. Though I may be leaving soon. Oh yeah here's your interview.

    1. What is your ideal sports beat (i.e. team, city, etc) and why?
    2. Who are some of your non-journalism idols and why?
    3. What is it going to take for you to get over these low self-esteem pouts and pity parties you throw for yourself? And I don't want hear, "I don't know." I want specifics!!
    *PS: If I am awake in Vegas, I'll be at the least tipsy. You do this once and I'ma go off!!
    5. Leave us on a good note...give us a quick R. Kelly crack (i.e. I'm out like R. Kelly at a....)


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