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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quick Hit

As Vanessa suggested that I stopped holding my tongue, this brief rant will commence in 3, 2....

Women are full of it. On a particular site I visit often, where I got my last entry topic from, this one brother was being attacked for being shallow because he married his wife based on her small size and her affinity for keeping herself small. Women started harassing dude, asking him would he leave his wife if she ever got up to a size 20, why are men so shallow and wanting to be in control of women's get the picture.

At one point do women realize that the strict standards they themselves employ are just as hard for men to meet as men's standards are to meet. Damn that, women's standards are harder. Of course there will be the argument that less-than attractive men have outrageous standards for the kind of women they want. I offer this as a rebuttal; shut the hell up. Like women who are average or below average don't have ridiculous standards.

You know the type, chicks whose breath smells like they've been sucking on shit-flavored Altoids, wearing shoes with their ashy heels out look like they just finished running in flour, all kinds of bass ackwards foolishness going on, and they say "If he ain't this tall, got this much money, drives this kinda car, looks like Boris Kodjoe, we don't want no bother." Right, and I suppose a man is going to want to put up with chicks who can't keep their legs closed for a dude with a bank slip with at least five digits before the decimal, chicks that always have something bad to say about the next person, chicks that live for drama, etc.

And as I've said on many occasions, women are a walking contradiction when it comes to body image. Women who are 250-pounds plus with 38A bras are always calling some dude fat and out of shape. Well I don't see Boris, Morris, Michael Ealy or Denzel running over to your fire-hydrant shaped asses either.

Moral of the story; women should shut the hell up. Rant over.


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