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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Open Letter To My Fellow Brothers

Dear Bitter, Scorned, Rejected Black men of America,

What the hell is wrong with y'all? First Tynesha Stewart, then Nailah Franklin, now Latasha Norman. I don't get it. You fools DO know that there are 10 women to 1 man in the world nowadays, right? There's no excuse for you to kill these bright and beautiful sisters of ours who deserved much more than to be a missing person case with a sad ending. Yes it hurts and sucks to be turned away by women with so much going on that may not want you anymore. That's life. You move on and say "f*** it, her loss" and find another woman. This "if I can't have you, no one else will" garbage is reprehensible and causing an already ridiculous divide between black men and black women to grow deeper and wider.

You know they come out with studies every so often to try and drive black women away from us. Newsflash: YOU GOONS AREN'T HELPING! CUT IT OUT!

Granted, I'm a chief verbal abuser, I have no problem admitting I've said some ignorant things to women in my day, but I've never put my hands on a woman, nor do I plan to. It's unnecessary and flat out cowardly. You can get mad and say what you want, words hurt, but that's where it should end. Killing women and tearing their families apart and making us look like a bunch of savages in the eyes of the media is not the best revenge. The best revenge is looking within, figuring out why you lost her, and improving yourself so when another Tynesha/Nailah/Latasha comes along (surprisingly, good women are NOT an endangered species, so yes there are more out there), you'll be ready for her and she'll be ready for you.

Instead, you chose to brutally and senselessly take the lives of young black women who were destined by God to be great, to be wonderful. I believe in the afterlife, so I know this is not the end of them altogether, but having to go to God and ask why has to be hard. Just like it's going to be hard for their loved ones to figure out why.

I know why. We as men as become soft and can't take no for an answer. We need to man the hell up and realize that while it's going to hurt to no longer be with these beautiful, talented, intelligent women full of potential, that there are more out there and we have to make ourselves wanted by these women. Killing them doesn't help us or them. Or black folks as a whole.

Annoyed and saddened by the senseless murders,



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