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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitchen Follies...

As the title suggests, I'm following through on my threat to learn how to cook. I've butchered my last two attempts at spaghetti and meatballs (too little sauce a couple of weeks ago, too much yesterday) and I tried to double up on the last batch of turkey meatloaf and it wasn't done all the way through. Still, I'm making progress in that I promised myself one thing I would try before my 28th birthday (which is September 25th for those who are interested) is learning to cook. I still have a ways to go, but I'm pretty proud of myself for finally putting my kitchen to use.

The first time I successfully made turkey meatloaf was documented in one of my Facebook albums and it was a fun process to go through. It helped me understand why a lot of folks think of cooking as a hobby or even therapy. It's fun to prepare your own food and if it turns out right, chow down with complete satisfaction. And for someone like me who has to have music in order to make anything work at home, it's even better to sing or rap while mixing sauces and boiling noodles.

And as Vdizzle has often pointed out to me, beats spending a heap of change on fast food every day. The sooner I can learn and master new dishes, the better off my savings will be, which will undoubtedly go towards a laptop, seeing as this six-year old Dell desktop of mine is on its Boyz II Men ("Although we've come to the ennnnnnnnnnnnd of the road/Still I can't let goooooooooooo!).

My next meal of interest is porkchops. My mom use to make some damn good porkchops and of course, it's the other white meat so I wouldn't be violating my diet completely. Hopefully in the next couple of weekends I'll have a chance to tackle that. If anybody has any suggestions on how to prepare them or spice them up, let me know. I'm ready to step away from fast food altogether. The time has come for Chris to become King of the Kitchen...okay, maybe not. Just being able to cook my own food is a great step forward altogether.


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