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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Cruisin' Along...

Let me set the mood for this particular entry:

Are you relaxing now? Good, because I am too, and I want to share some things I'm learning as my 20s wind down. It seems that in the first three and a half weeks of this new decade, I've become strangely jaded about a lot of things. About my struggles with women, about the stress of dealing with certain folks at the gig, about whether I'll finally lose enough weight to become desirable to said women.

I wonder often what triggered this shift, but I can only attribute it to getting over that quarter-life crisis hump. The one that goes from about 23 to I guess here at 28, when you start worrying about what happens if you die early, if you'll ever get to do what you want, if you'll ever reach goals, things of that nature. Now it seems like an inner-peace just jumped in my body and said "HEY! Get used to me son, I ain't goin' anywhere right now." I find myself stressing less about things that are really beyond my control and I find myself caring less about people and situations that really have never cared about me. And you know what? I LOVE it.

I had a thought Thursday when I was dealing with some foolishness (the last of such I'll take from women) and I realized that it is indeed a long road to transformation and getting over things that have hurt you and troubled you, and it won't be without bumps. But as long as you stay on the road with a conscious effort to keep moving forward, you'll be in good shape.

And it also helps to have a good mellow-out song to help aid the detoxing of stress, which would be the song above. When I hear Smokey gliding over this track, I'm in a really good place. Like he says in the bridge, "Let the music take your mind." So when I hear this song, I'm in my relaxed, peaceful, and most importantly, HAPPY zone and during that 5 minute and 51 second span that this song plays, I can't be stressed. It's a sonic force field from stress and negativity, no doubt.

So hopefully this will signal a shift in not only my attitude and way of life, but hopefully blog posts as well as I won't be as down and out as most of my post seems. You're all welcome to hop in as I cruise into my 30s :)


  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Mizrepresent said…

    Loving the turn-around:) And Smokey is just so smoothe, you know you have great musical tastes too! Enjoy this period of your life Chris...keep on cruisin!


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