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Saturday, January 12, 2008

C.J. Writer: King Of Random

While I can't predict the next time I'm going to focus on one particular subject and devote some lines to it, I can surely let you guys know what's on my mind, which is a lot. Maybe you guys can pick a subject out of these thoughts and let me know if you want me to speak on it at length. I think that would be fun, how about you?

I've seen more roadkill in three months in Southern Maryland than I did the first 26 years of my life in the state of Delaware. And Blog friends, it is making me sick. Literally. Like it takes an act of The Almighty Himself not to lose the Rice Krispies along with the OJ I have in the mornings every time I see some animal in not upright form. Haven't seen so much deer killing since the Bambi marathon, sheesh.

This brother? Puddykitten-whipped for life. Anytime you allow a woman to have her way to the point where that kinda thing is allegedly cute on your wedding day? Might as well slap that apron on and get on those dishes, bud.

I touched on this in the last random post but *in my best Juelz voice* I'm baaaaaaack! I've gotten back under 3 bills, and I'm very excited about it. Now that I've got my routine going, it'll be difficult for me to screw this up and inch back over 300. I'm proud of myself, lol

I also spoke on anchorwoman crushes last time, but that was before I saw CNN International. Two words: Isha. Sesay. My lord. There is NO conflict about that diamond from Sierra Leone; honey. is. FINE! And the British accent?! *church lady faint*

Once I leave this girls' hoops game tonight, I'll probably end up zipping back here to hopefully catch the Patriots losing. It's one thing to win, totally another to be an obnoxious bunch of jabronies while winning. I hope the Jags punch the Patsies in their mouths and take their lunch money. For one night only, PANHANDLE REPRESENT!

I also answered you guys in the comments that I did have company Wednesday afternoon and things went where I wanted them to go. I'm starting to see Eb the Celeb's point about being kinda unstable. As much as I wonder about what it would be like to date with no expectations, my only rebuttal is a strong one; sex is a helluva drug.

As much as I dug Bill Clinton as president, I'm starting to waver in my admiration of him. Sure, it's cool to back your wife in her attempt to win the presidency, even though you've been banging behind her back for decades, but the shade being thrown at Barack is kinda unnecessary, don'tcha think?

D.C. radio is bad for me. Why? Because not only am I caught up on Flo-Rida (them apple bottom jeans, the boots with the furrrrrrrrr!) and "Hel-lo, Hel-lo, they know, they know!" I am also starting to dig GoGo. I'm tempted to find where CCB is performing to see if KeKe really does have a Phatty. I need a dosage of State Property and Jill Scott to cure this nonsense.

I think it's downright unconstitutional that K.I.T.T. will be a motherloving Ford Mustang in the Knight Rider movie. What kinda bloodclot batty bwoy nonsense is that? So what Pontiac doesn't make Trans-Ams anymore. Ya think GM wouldn't have put together a special edition joint for the movie? Ugh. Reason Numero Uno why remakes suck. VIVA LA TRANS AM!

And finally, why are we killing kids? Someone please explain this to me. A month and some change back, I talked about how unstable brothers killing sistas that dumped them is bad for society, hell killing children apparently is the new black. God help us all. The babies deserve our love, not our rage. Throwing babies off of bridges and killing them and claiming they were possessed makes me think that all of us need to get right soon enough. Man.


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