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Friday, March 12, 2010

So much on the mind

I have beef. Which isn't unusual if you've been reading this here blog, but there's so much to beef about it's like "why limit myself?" I'm going to hit as many subjects as I can before I go sit-up crazy and head to my work assignment tonight.

Beef #1. Why aren't you guys following me on Twitter? Oh. You didn't know I had one? Let's fix that - @CJStarchild. There we go, follow me and I shall follow you.

Beef #2. Homophobia. Now I'm as straight as an arrow (even when women irk my life), so one could say gay rights really ain't my fight. However, I empathize with gays and lesbians because it's hard to find someone you love and want to be with, especially if you're same-gender loving. Not because it's hard to find people, but because the Bible-thumping dregs of society won't let them be. Case in point, a Mississippi school district decided to shut down a high school prom before letting a lesbian couple attend. If you disagree with homosexuality, then that's fine - to each his own. But to deny every kid the right to attend a prom because a lesbian couple would make your fuddy-duddy ass feel uncomfortable is ABSURD. It's about the kids. Let them have their fun, let them enjoy their prom and mind your own business.

Beef #3. People who throw their relationships in your face. Subtly or just all out "ha ha, I'm with somebody." Fuck you. No seriously. It's amazing how people will flaunt their newfound loves with that new car smell on it, then when it starts to break down it's "love sucks, people ain't shit, blah blah blah." How about you worry about maintaining your lovey dovey relationship instead of playing show and tell with it? Okay, I'm done :)

Beef #4. Maryland Drivers. Y'all horrible. I'm from Delaware where it ain't but two ways to get somewhere - up and down. Y'all take advantage of the foolywang that is the Baltimore and Capital Beltways and make life miserable for those of us who haven't figured out the Mixing Bowl while you're on your cell phone talking/eating food/manually stimulating each other (to that couple on 97 South last Thursday night - yep. I saw you.). Know your role and drive or just get off the road.

Beef #5. Giving up fast food for lent. Three weeks in and I want to cry every time I ride past Chick-Fil-a/Burger King/McDs/Popeye's, but I made a promise to myself - to wean myself off of blowing money on fast food, and so far it's working. And it's keeping money in my pocket that can go towards a new computer, hopefully a laptop. So I guess this isn't really beef, except for the fact I SO need a Chicken sandwich right now.

If you've got a beef or want to comment on mine, you know what to do. TGIF :)


  • At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't do twitter. *lol* I tried it for about an hour and it wasn't for me.

    Don't limit it to just MD drivers. Most DC and VA drivers are bad too. I commute on the BW Pkwy every day. Ugh! I practice breathing exercises to avoid having road rage!

  • At 1:52 PM, Blogger Vee said…

    Beef #4 about the couple on 97 south..HIL-ARIOUS ok!

    yes the drivers are HORRIBLE! I cant take it..that's why I get on all the backroads I can instead of getting on that DUMB ASS parkway and I stay away from 495 at ALL costs! takes just as long to get home but I'm MOVING and that's all that matters...and it helps me NOT lose my sanity.

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