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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Well, thanks to randomly checking this blog, an e-mail from MrsTDJ and Ms. Wright telling me to get back to it, I guess I should update you guys on where I am.

I've been in the gym for three 1/2 months now, I lost seven pounds in July so I'm making progress. I just need to focus on the eating part of this whole deal. I still eat emotionally, way over portioned and still unhealthy. If I can lose seven pounds with my current eating habits? Sky's the limit when I get those habits under control.

I'm on vacation after tomorrow, and I'm not even planning to go anywhere. I'm just going to relax and get ready for the super grind at work. I am planning to buy a laptop to replace my antiquated desktop, so hopefully with a faster computer, I'll have more opportunities to blog.

Also, Twitter has taken up all of my random thoughts time. So much easier to just randomly say what I want there and also keep up with a favorite *ahem* lady blogger.

Three years have gone by pretty fast actually since I finished college and I've been employed in some form every step of the way. The pressures and annoyances of my gig get to me once in a while, but I try to remember it could always be worse.


  • At 11:31 AM, Anonymous MrsTDJ said…

    Ugh! Blogger ate my first comment.

    I'm glad that you feel compelled to check in and post something after our emails! *lol* Making folks worry about you and stuff!

    7 lbs is fantastic! Making the gym a habit for me have never been the hard part, it's the eating. Good luck with that. I joined a new Planet Fitness near my house and I love it.

    I can't/don't do Twitter. Hmmm, sounds like you're crushing on somebody.

  • At 8:07 AM, Blogger Veronica W. said…

    7lbs! yippeee!! can I be like you when I grow up? no, like I'm SO for real right now! I'm running regularly and I've actually gained about

    I guess I have to lay off the chipotle :-/

    glad to know all is well because I was like "dang where you at?!?!" lol

    I couldn't get into twitter..i just don't understand it...

  • At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Derrick said…

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