The Post Game Show

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

Y'all know I like to do this from time to time, so flow with it.

  • The Steve Harvey Morning Show is the best thing to happen to my mornings in recent memory, especially the Strawberry Letters. Shirley tries to be all politically correct in answering these crazy-ass scenarios, but not Steve, a.k.a "Code Cracker" (C.C.!). Steve puts his own hilarious spin on the ignorance these letters normally contain, from the husband addicted to internet porn (stop USIN my washcloth!) to the lady who wants her brother in law to stop calling her husband from jail.
  • My condolences go out to the families of and the students, staff, and faculty at Virginia Tech. Just an absolute tragedy, and this might be harsh, but if you're planning to take yourself out, for the love of humanity, just go off behind a dumpster and handle that. Don't take a bunch of innocent people with you. Oh well, the killer has to answer to his higher power for that. And he won't find the answer to his liking, that's for sure.
  • I finally cut my afro on Good Friday, and it feels funny to not have to wait for my hair to dry enough to comb and pick it out. I've had at least 20 people ooh and ahh about the cut, not to mention a girl in my English lit class said I looked good with a fresh cut. Nobody appreciates a good 'Fro anymore. I did take the compliment however.
  • I think once I get another car, I'm going to spend a few weeks after graduation driving around. Wherever my imagination decides to take me will more than likely be the destination. A sound car would be necessary for this, but I'm going to claim that, along with a degree and a job. I WILL have a car that I won't be scared to drive, lol.
  • I'm still working out, but these last two-plus months, I've sort of lost motivation, even though I'm started to get toned in my arms, shoulders and neck. I need to get cracking on the rest of my body, but I think complacency has taken over. I need to kick it out so I can get back to grinding harder.
  • SGA competition has begun around here, and it's hilarious. People that normally couldn't be bothered to open their mouths to speak are all in your grill talking about "hey, how you doin'? Vote me for this that and the third." That's when you do the Heisman on their asses (shawty mooooooove 2 da lef! shawty mooooooooove 2 da right!). First person under those circumstances who asks me to vote for them, I will gladly tell them to eat a d*** and that I am graduating, so who runs SGA in 07-08 means nada to me.
  • Reading CNel's most recent entry reminded me that women are still full of it. It can be several different things, but I'll leave that to your imaginations.
And that ends another Random Thoughts post. The next post will be number 100, so if anybody has any suggestions what I should do for said Century post, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Bring the soul to the hole...

After chasing down a long rebound while playing a spirited game of "21" in Memorial Hall Monday Morning, I had a choice to make. I could pull up and take a jump shot which would signal that I was indeed dog tired (although my middle name should be "Ames" because the J is absent). Option number two would be to suck it up and drive to the bucket anyway to get a better shot. I chose option two and drove full speed down the right baseline. Mike, a freshman kid from my Lifetime Fitness & Wellness class who goes about 6'3, 215 lbs., saw me out of the corner of his eye and he runs over to meet me and block the shot. Instead of shooting with my strong hand (right) and having my layup attempt swatted to Caroline County, Maryland, creative instinct took over. I went up, shielded him with my body, snuck the ball past him with my left hand, off the glass and in the hoop. The ensuing collision of 500-plus pounds of negro sent him sprawling to the ground and me stumbling and crashing into the folded bleachers, but the oohs and ahhs from everyone else in the gym was enough for me to crack a slight smile.

Small incidents like these (although I made it sound like the greatest play in basketball history) let me know that my energy is at an all-time since I went on this weight loss venture, which of course I have yet to come up with a suitable name for. The working title was originally "Huck Motivation 101: let's get it," referencing my given nickname at the Hornet newspaper and a play on Young Jeezy's first album. However, it just seems too...corny. So I guess it'll be the weight loss of which we do not speak, who knows?

As I've played basketball with these jovial, fresh-faced, energetic misfits commonly known as the class of 2010, I realized that I missed those two summers when my best friends and I hit every court in the city of Wilmington, and sometimes beyond, looking for a good game or an open court so we could play "Free." The laughs we used to share in between yelling at each other for not hustling, covering for each other on defense or taking bad shots were legendary, we still have jokes to this day about everything we've experienced in life.

In the years since, I've obviously become withdrawn and difficult, not wanting to stray outside or towards a gym for fear of being a joke. Getting over that fear has also allowed me to go to the gym twice a week now (about to make it three times) so I can really accelerate my progress and get ready for life after Delaware State University.

Moral of the story? It's always easier to take the jumper, but if you go to the hole, good things most often times do happen. And I'm definitely looking forward to going to the hole more often.