The Post Game Show

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Poetry

I don't have much to say, too tired to talk
When suggestions of Memes dance around, I have no choice but to balk
eight basketball games in two nights while trying to work on other things leave me tired
anybody got a problem...well, you're fired
I shall return soon as my mind can work Miracles like Smokey and the gang
I'm thankful for all my readers who continue to tie knots in the rope and hang
Just know this much about Chris is true
I'm horny, I'm tired, I'm working hard....and the boxers I wear are blue.

Good night.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poetry Ponderings with Chris

Before I begin, feel free to take a look at this:

I love this piece and the lady who wrote and performed it, because as she said, "grown men quiver when they look at" her. While I do have an amazingly odd crush on short and/or petite women, I can honestly say all my prior dealings with women that have gone somewhere (mainly to bed*) have been with women 180 pounds or more, so I dig where she's coming from and it's cool to let those women know that even though they aren't going be a size two, that hey, you are desirable and welcome around with most brothers.

That said, I must ask....where is the love for the big men? We don't exactly live an anonymous lifestyle, we can be found at any fast food establishment in the U.S., you know? While I've long struggled with my weight and the perception that comes with it, I never ever said I wanted to be a skinny guy or muscular, just in better health. Being a big man has its advantages and being with us works for you too, ladies.

So while I've briefly mentioned that I wrote poetry from 17 to about 24, I'll revisit my poetic background (which actually steered me towards my chosen field of employment) and give my faithful readers a goofy little rhyme called "Big Man's Anthem."

295 pounds at 5'10
doesn't classify me as a slim
but I know good and well that I'm like a genie girl, because if you got wishes, I can grant them
'cause this here is the Big Man's Anthem
For my brothers who have a hard time seeing their feet
but when a girl gets naked they can sure enough see their meat
For a man who can make a woman feel safe and warm
For the brothers who come running to the table when she says "soup's on"
This is an anthem for the guys who are compared to teddy bears
and take the compliment for what it is because they just don't care
what society thinks of a little extra weight around the gut and other places
and know better than to try and squeeze they big asses into some small ass spaces
Skinny dudes makes excuses, big men, we make it happen
We can make our pecs jump too.... we just have to slap 'em.
This is an anthem for the dudes with 40s and 50s tagged on the inside of their pants
Women love us when they see us but they're scared to take a chance
It's o.k., we know the deal, so come and squeeze us when you hug us like y'all always do
Because big men, we can handle it all, this I know to be true.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy, Jolly, Yummy Time of the year....

That comes from Salsoul Orchestra's "Merry Christmas All," which leads me to wonder why Christmas would be yummy in 1976, now or ever? Maybe if they were talking about the food, yes. Ah well, great song for a great time of year. I shouldn't be this excited about buying a tree and ornaments like I'm set to do later on this afternoon/evening, but I figure I may as well go all out now that I'm on my own. If anybody has a problem with colored lights, they can speak with my secretary in, DEEZ NUTZ! I love colored lights on the tree, white just seems so freaking boring, lights and tinsel. Christmas is a colorful season, and your boy's first tree will reflect that.

I'm still trying to figure out what my Christmas gift to myself will be. I was thinking of being lazy and just getting both American Gangster and Graduation and calling that that, but then I remembered a hobby that greatly interests me and I never had the space or the money to pursue until now; model railroads. Yes indeed, I've been a toy train geek since I was knee high to R. Kelly's first girlfriend, and I always wanted to start, but things like college and living in dorms and home got in the way. There's a model railroad store a couple of miles south of where I live, so I might head down there next week in the morning to see what's what and if I can afford it. It'd be funny to have people visit the apartment and have to step over "chuggachuggachuggachuggachuggachugga, WHOO WHOO!" Too excited? Yes? O.K., moving on, lol...

The most beautiful thing to me thus far happened this morning when I went for my walk and Steve Harvey played "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway, a.k.a the Official Negro National Anthem of the holiday season. I walked past a ton of houses with Christmas lights up and last night's snowfall still on the ground with a clear blue sky as the backdrop. All while Donny is sangin' and playin' his instruments. I had to stop and let out a long, dreamy sigh and continue with my strolling.

I'm losing my mind not having cable at the house, yet I always seem to forget or end up being too lazy to call DirecTV or go online to check it out. Not sure why, especially since I miss Boomerang (the cartoon channel) and ESPNClassic like nobody's business. Hopefully tomorrow morning after I walk and stretch I can remind myself to do it before I miss all the great Christmas programming.

And yes, I do know the real reason for the season. Even though it's not really Christ's birthday this particular month, it still is a nice time of year to honor the Savior and be thankful that we're still here to see another Christmas. No matter where we are in life right now, it could be worse. It could always be worse, and I'm seeing that now, so despite whatever wrong is going on in my life, I'll certainly take the bad that comes with the good of still being alive. It's better than the alternative.