The Post Game Show

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Nothing to write home about.

Well the year is just about over, and I can tell you 2010 wasn't one of the better years in my life mainly because it was so...dull. I've fallen into a routine and a trap of being stuck here and hopes of going elsewhere seem to be slim, but I'm hoping I can find some fun in 2011 and keep hope alive professionally.

Best thing I did this year was finally join a gym in mid-April and put that membership to good use. Four times a week has really helped me feel better and even though the actual number hasn't decreased as much as I would like, 35 pounds is still 35 pounds and I'm moving faster, clothes are looser and I have a lot more energy than I have in year's past.

I still need to work on personal blogging but my professional blog has taken up a lot of my free writing time because I want to build that up and hopefully have some things come of that. Y'all check it out ( and please keep it and link it because that's where all of my non-personal stuff will go.

Also, I'm getting into internet radio/podcasting! Save this link as well (, my first show is this coming Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 6:30 p.m. I'll be doing live shows Wednesday and Sunday nights at 11 p.m. after this first show and if you can't listen live, you can go to that link and listen to the shows after the fact.

One thing I've learned in 2010 is that you can't please everybody and you're not supposed to try - people will just be angry, upset or unsatisifed just because they choose to be - as long as you're doing the best you can for yourself on all levels, that's all you can worry about and let the rest fall into place. I rarely (well, never) quote Beyonce, but it's true what she said - "Me myself and I, that's all I got in the end." You just have to keep on trucking and do things that make you happy, life's too short to live otherwise.

What do you hope 2011 brings? Happy New Year to you all :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas time

I'm very much looking forward to Saturday. So much so that I have literally put my nose to grindstone at work so to speak so I can spend this weekend cleaning and decorating my house for the holidays. Saturday has special significance because it's my grandmother's birthday. She passed Independence Day '06 and I decided starting last year that to remember her on her birthday that I would always put my tree up and do other Christmas related things since her birthday was two weeks before Christmas - that's how we always remembered.

Even though I'm mildly affected by SAD (Seasonal Awareness Disorder), I still very much enjoy Christmas for the movies, the music, the random food and the family time even if I'm not back home in Delaware anymore. It's just a good time of year even if you're not a religious type (note: I do believe in God, but I don't believe in church. Maybe I'll explain later). I even did a Top 20 Christmas songs list over on my professional blog, so you guys should go check that out and leave a comment or two if you feel the need.

In the meantime, what are your some of your Christmas traditions? What do you enjoy (or not enjoy) about this time of year? Hope you all have a great holiday season :)