The Post Game Show

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Weight Blues

I stepped on the scale after my gym workout this morning and was mad as hell that the number was the same as it was the previous Sunday morning. How could this happen? I watch what I eat, I rock out at the gym four days a week, but the weight loss has just stopped DEAD in its tracks.

Now here's the tricky part - I can look in the mirror and see a change in my face and most areas of my body and my clothes are starting fall off my ass. So what's going on here? A little thing called muscle mass. Muscle is heavier than fat from what I understand and you build more of that in the winter my fitness genius acquaintance tells me. So I guess I can keep rollin considering I notice the changes, but I want that number DOWN.

I have to be realistic though because I didn't put the weight back on overnight, so I have to double the effort to lose it because it's so easy to gain it. Overall, I can't complain. I feel a lot better, move a lot faster and a lot of things I do aren't as exhausting as they once were. So I guess it's really not the blues, it's just excitement that I'm on the right path. The numbers will take care of themselves eventually.