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Monday, January 24, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX is set

In one corner, you have a team going for its third ring in four years, an underappreciated bunch that never seems to get the respect and praise that accompanies most professional sports dynasties.

In the other corner, you have the team who could never seem to get it right, who always choked in the not-so-big game. Carrying a city on its shoulders that hasn't had a parade since "Fo Fi Fo," they knew if they came up short in this NFC championship game, there would be a Rodney King-sized riot going on in a city oddly enough known as one of "Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection."

The New England Patriots vs. The Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bowl XXXIX (that's 39 I think).

That's what we have, and here's how we got there.

Philadelphia 27, Atlanta 10

for the first 35-40 minutes of game time it seemed like this would go down as one of the greatest NFC Championship contests ever. Instead it turned out to be the "Get the Monkey off our back" party Eagles fans had been waiting to have the last four seasons. All that needs to be said was that Donovan McNabb was pure magic and the Michael Vick experience was contained to the point where anything with a "7" got hit. For the first time in 24 years, Philly will be playing in the Super Bowl, and it was well deserved. A city with an unabashed love affair with its team, both of whom who have struggled through three heartbreaking NFC title game losses, and they finally are able to book their Super Bowl tickets. I hope the folks in Duval County have enough cheesesteaks to go around.

New England 41, Pittsburgh 27

While Roy Jones' debut single "Y'all must've forgot" didn't earn him any hip hop quotable sections in The Source magazine, it could very well be the Anthem for the New England Patriots. We (by we I mean all sports fans and media types....I count myself as both) all swore Peyton Manning was going to pick apart the Patriots.....didn't happen. We thought the Steelers defense would shut the Steel Curtain on this whole Dynasty talk......that pretty much went down the tubes as well. Tom Brady continues to play Superman with the lead, and the Patriots defense frustrated and embarassed rookie Ben Roethlisberger, making him throw passes he didn't want and not allowing Jerome Bettis and Duce Staley to hurt them on the ground.

So once again, New England vs. Philly, although we wish the Patriots would become Boston once again so we can play up the whole Sixers-Celtics rivarly comparisons, but all they're fighting for is a Super Bowl. Two weeks from now, the two best teams in the NFL will throw down in J-town, A rumble in the Everglades jungle, A......oh you guys get the point. Let the hype begin.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I say that simply because after last weekend, in which three road teams pulled off major victories, Home held serve in this weekend's games, and for better of for worse, the top two seeds from each conference will face eachother in their championship games. Here's how it happened.

Pittsburgh 20, NY Jets 17 (OT)

I don't care, if I was Herman Edwards, I would cut Doug Brien six ways from Sunday....yes, you're fired. He choked twice in a two minute span, in a game the Jets should've had. To miss a field goal that far left is inexcuseable, regardless of where the ball is spotted. But give credit to Bill Cowher for believing in his boys to get it done, and props to Hines Ward for becoming Ben Roethlisberger's keeper down the stretch to keep the game alive. For the fourth time under Cowher, the Steelers will host the AFC title game, trying to keep their remarkable winning streak and season alive.

Atlanta 47, St. Louis 17

Legendary Broadcaster Dick Stockton said it best on Fox's broadcast of the game last night; "If this was a fight, they'd stop it." The Falcons A-town Stomped all over the Rams to get to the NFC Championship game for only the second time in team history. Needless to say Michael Vick was running circles around St. Louis, but Warrick Dunn ran like he was a young Buccaneer again, and that has to be a positive for the Dirty Birds going into their big one next week. The Rams didn't help themselves with the dropped balls, and Mike Martz's aversion to running the ball will keep the Rams from getting far in the playoffs.

Philadelphia 27, Minnesota 14

So much for that rust. The Eagles went ahead and made quick work of the Vikings, and Freddie Mitchell's trash talk was backed up by a superb performance, including one of THE SINGLE LUCKIEST BOUNCES you will ever see in an NFL game. Donovan McNabb hooked up with L.J. Smith near the goal line, but Smith got popped and the ball went flying FredEx in the end zone for the touchdown. Maybe that's a sign. A lucky sign. Philly kept the pressure on Daunte Culpepper, and Randy Moss didn't shake anything but more heads with his lazy play. For the fourth straight year, the third time at home, the Iggles will be one step away from the Super Bowl.

New England 20, Indianapolis 3

This is slowly becoming Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain against the Celtics in the 1960's. I swear, no matter what Peyton Manning does, New England and Bill Belichick seem to have his number. Although once again, the conditions were not the best, the Pats just imposed their will on the Colts' D, and the Indy 500, as Chris Berman calls their offense, did not have a chance to run wild. The Patriots will go on the road, much like they did during their first Super Bowl run, to battle the Steelers one more time. We'll see how it goes down. More on these matchups later in the week. Peace and chicken grease to all.

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Point Guard's back, and there's gonna be trouble.....

Yes, word is out now that Terrelle Waller has been cleared to return to the Delaware State University Women's basketball team.

*Allowing all Delaware State patrons to cheer, praise God and breathe sighs of relief*

Now what this means as far the season goes, it means alot. You get back your point guard, your best defender, your clutch scorer, and arguably the heart and soul of the team in one swoop.

This gives Ed Davis some much needed flexibility, and it will give young Ashlee Burbage the chance to learn from the best point guard in the conference how to make good decisions with the ball, how to be patient, and unafraid to take the shot when it is presented to you. The Lady Hornets will have that swagger back soon. The MEAC is now on notice. Game On.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Stephen A. Smith gets own show on ESPN2

Compiled By The Inquirer Staff
Inquirer sports columnist Stephen A. Smith will get his own "opinion/personality" television show, Quite Frankly, on ESPN2 at 6:30 p.m. weekdays, ESPN executive vice president Mark Shapiro announced yesterday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Los Angeles.
The show will start in June and originate in New York. Shapiro said Smith would appear before a live audience in a combination Bill O'Reilly-Phil Donahue format featuring hot-seat guests and one-issue sports commentary.
"We are very pleased that ESPN audiences will now get a chance to know what Philadelphia Inquirer readers have known for many years, just how special Stephen A. Smith is as a sports commentator," Inquirer managing editor Anne Gordon said.
"Stephen will continue in his role at The Inquirer, sharing his strong and often controversial opinions on a wide variety of sporting events."
Smith, 37, started at ESPN in October 2003 and is the network's featured NBA analyst/insider for its NBA Shootaround show. At times, he has hosted Pardon The Interruption.
"Initially, I believed the most humbling accomplishment of my career was obtaining a general sports column," said Smith, who joined The Inquirer in October 1994 and started writing his general column in February 2003. "This equals that sentiment. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision hosting my own show. I'm honored, extremely humbled, and very fortunate and blessed to be in this position.
"However, despite all that has transpired, the newspaper business still serves as my foundation. Its principles and the integrity associated with it serve as the backbone for all that I'm about and hope to be professionally. I have no intention of giving up my position as a general columnist, and I hope to remain in this business, as well, for years to come."
Spokesman Rob Tobias said the network wanted to launch a personality-driven show for ESPN2.
"Stephen A. Smith is the perfect candidate to fill that role," Tobias said. "It's a program with a daily dose of sports news, opinions, issues and headlines, much like the Bill O'Reilly show."

Inquirer staff writer Jonathan Storm contributed to this article.

I read this on today, and needless to say, as an admirer of Stephen A.'s work and personality (I met him at the UNITY Journalism convention in D.C. last summer) that I'll be watching that show with interest to see how many opportunities can open up for a person in the field of Journalism. I'll be back after the Sixers game to post again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bears, Hornets, and wins, oh my

So I just returned from venerable old Memorial Hall, where our men's and women's basketball teams swept Morgan State this evening. It was a noisier crowd than normal during winter break, but since students are slowly piling back in, that can be expected.

The Lady Hornets continue to struggle, despite winning 64-51, despite having Rocky Collier continue her hot play with 17 points, despite outrebounding Morgan 49-41. Ed Davis was about as salty as I have ever seen him, but it was a silent saltiness. Now, if anyone has seen Ed Davis coach a basketball game for Delaware State University, you know that this brother has conniptions that are memorable, awe-inspiring, and hilarious. I only counted one foot stomp, and a couple of handclaps, that was it. His booming voice was still in effect, but even that was tempered some. Perhaps a silent storm is brewing. Much needed win for the Lady Hornets though.

The Delaware State men handled the Bears 68-53, in a game that saw tremendous offensive balance coming from the Hornets. Terrance Hunter showed signs of breaking out of his slump, leading all scorers with 17 points, while Jahsh Bluntt and Aaron Williams scored 13 each, and the flu-ridden Darrin Shine played extremely well, scoring 10 points and zipping past Morgan's guards to create havoc. This game showed that they can be a successful running team in the MEAC, especially when Problem (A. Williams) is free to drive and penetrate, and the kickout pass to Bluntt will be a point guard's best friend very soon. Jahsh had a scoop shot tonight that reminded me of some dipsy-doo's my favorite player of all time, Julius Erving, used to make. Should I start calling Jahsh the new Dr. J? ehhhh, we'll hold off on that for now.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

My first Mega-Post

Are you ready? America, Then, for the two people that read this blog.........llllllllllllllllllllllllet's get ready to post informative thoughts on sporrrrrrrrrrts!

That was so lame, if Michael Buffer sued me, I could not object. Anyway, a lot happened this weekend in sports, so let's get started with the big deal, the NFL playoffs. Can a Home team get a win? Apparently only Indianapolis.

Indy 49, Denver 24

I start with this game because I missed the first half, because my car had some unexpected trouble, like a wheel staying on, but do not fret, I am fine. And apparently I didn't miss much, seeing as it was 35-3 Colts at halftime. The Denver d-backs were talking mad ish, and P-Mann just said "o.k., I'll show you how to do this, son." Bears repeating that the Broncos have not won a playoff game since the great John Elway called it a career, and that no matter how many guys run for 1,000 yards, their defense just stinks. Mike Shanahan, I hope you have your resume ready, because you may be experiencing the Donald Trump hand very very soon, my friend.

N.Y. Jets 20, San Diego 17 (OT)

Needless to say, I was the most disappointed with this game, because the Super-Chargers were my darkhorse pick to make it to the Super Bowl when the playoffs started (I said darkhorse, not bet-the-house pick). But I must shout out Herman Edwards, who gave us the best quote of any coach in the last 10 years a couple of years ago.....I guess Herm really does "PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!" That game with Pittsburgh next week should be interesting. That maybe the game that decides who does get to Jacksonville, so watch carefully students...there will be a test later on.

St. Louis 27, Seattle 20

This game had about as much intrigue as an R. Kelly court hearing. As much as I hate to admit it, but the Rams were going to win all along, not because they have an offense that could be put to use in Iraq, not because Mike Martz's "win one for the Cornball" speeches are inspiring, but just for the simple fact that the Seahawks can't make a big play much in the way that Bill O'Reilly can't stop harassing his producer. But that wasn't even the biggest surprise of the weekend, which brings me to........

Minnesota 31, Green Bay 17

I ain't I lyin? BOTH 8-8 teams won this weekend, putting that notion to rest that backing into the playoffs is worse than not making the playoffs at all. Daunte Culpepper showed why he was 1A as far as QB's go in the league this year, and the Vikings actually.....they really, they....PLAYED SOME DEFENSE! TRUE STORY! As far as the Pack goes....Brett Favre may need to come to a decision about his playing style. I can't say he's not one of the greatest to play this game, but his guts are killing whatever chance he has at the glory with the wild throws. A crushing loss for GB, and a long offseason cometh for Mike Sherman.

The Doubleheader Debacle

So that 23-game homecourt winning streak I was raving about for the Lady Hornets is now done, courtesy of some skin tight defense and clutch shooting by the Lady Eagles of Coppin State. Without the Lady in the Lane, Leisel Harry, the Lady Eagles still found a way to handle their business inside, and Sherrie Tucker is as underrated an offensive player as it gets on the women's side of the conference. She is dangerous from 17 to 19 feet away, her shot is smoother than a baby's bottom. The loss kind of spoiled the effort Rocky Collier had for the Lady Hornets. She is truly going to make herself a candidate for MEAC rookie of the year, especially if she keeps scoring 22 points, while missing only two shots, and giving DSU a spark of energy reminiscent of the departed Mandy Clark.

Terrelle Waller's NCAA waiver hearing is this week, so you know fingers at 1200 N. DuPont Highway will be crossed as they hear the word of whether the best point guard in the conference will return for her fifth year.

As for the men...well, as DSU Public Address Announcer and all around Mass Comm don Ralph Wesley asked me to rate the game, in my Stephen A. Smith voice "that was absolutely the most HORRIBLE game of basketball I have seen the Hornets play!"

They were missing Darrin Shine, who had flu-like symptoms and couldn't go, so the game of "Who wants to be the backup point guard" was in full effect. I still feel Aaron Williams should be getting more minutes than he does, because the kid can get to the basket at will, and his talent will be wasted if he can't shine in his senior year. Give credit to Fang Mitchell, who always has reminded me of Fred Sanford for some reason, for having his guys ready to play that defense that held Terrance Hunter scoreless, had the Hornets shooting 30 percent, and had us all looking for answers.

I still feel that the fear of (cue my Stephen A. voice again) Hen-ry Col-ter is highly uncalled for.

And that's all for now.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Now You Tell Me Who Won? US-C them, they run....

You gotta love the Tupac "Hit 'Em Up" reference. Anyway, as first reported on the The Post Game Show, Southern Cal clobbered The Boomer Sooners of Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl, leaving USC as the undisputed (In the BCS' eyes anyway) Top Dog in College Football. But you have to wonder how Auburn feels about going 13-0, in arguably the toughest conference in America, The SEC, and will be lucky to finish Number Two in the final rankings.

It all still screams "PLAYOFF!" as far as the BCS goes. Matter of fact, take the "C" out of there, and that's exactly what this system is. Our daily lives are already affected by what the computer says (time sheets, proposals, transactions, even social lives), Why is one of the best sports in the world forced to determine its champion Dot-Com style? Because the Major College Presidents are about as greedy a bunch that you will find not in the White House hunting oil.

They understand that television contracts are at an all-time high, and that a slice of that upper-billion-dollar pie means their school will be handsomely paid, regardless if they play for the National Championship or not. However, this jerks around "smaller schools" like Utah, who kicked everybody's ass from beginning to end, and most likely wont finish in the top five, and Boise State and Louisville, two schools who played arguably the best Bowl Game of the year, and will only merit sympathy votes in the final rankings.

All-in-all, Playoffs are the proper way to solve anything in any sport. Anything else is just an injustice. I will say that USC proved themselves once again. They are the best team in the nation. They just need a proper stage in place to claim it.

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's all about heart

Down to nine players, and playing a team they got smoked by almost two weeks ago, you figure the DSU Lady Hornets basketball team were feeling sorry for themselves. Not so. They beat Navy 50-43, and kept the nation's third longest homecourt winning streak a-live. That's 23 straight and counting. As Miss Info from VH1's Best Week Ever would say, "Fab...u-lous!"

You just get the feeling that Ed Davis knows more about his team than our fans, students, other athletes, and yes, the student sports reporter ever will. And there's word around that Terrelle Waller, the greatest woman point guard in school history (well, at least recent history) maybe cleared to play just in time for the MEAC season. Once again, Fab...u-lous.

They just played extremely intense and with more desire than Navy, who obviously left their three-point shot on the boat or something. Ashlee Burbage, if Terrelle isn't back, is growing up quick, fast, and in a hurry as a point guard, and her freshmen teammate, Raquel "Raqui" Collier is just all over the place on defense and can jump higher than a lot of men. At 5'9," she can grab the rim on a 10-foot basket. Yes, Black Women Can Jump.

It was fun to sit courtside and have fans truly interested in the game, which only happens during winter break. Our women's team, at the nadir of their success, has gotten no love from our student body. During the women's games, the students usually dont show up, or are busy trying to set up jump-off appointments for later that evening. We're talking about a women's team who has made the conference championship game three out of the last four years, has a nationally-recognized home gym winning streak, and won 20 games two years in a row. Open your eyes, DSU. you might be watching something special.


Hello to all sports fans and blogspot surfers, my name is Christopher Stevens (preferrably Chris), and I created this blog for sports journalism purposes. I'm a 23-year old career student at Delaware State University, majoring in Print journalism (minoring in English) and I am Sports Editor for the student newspaper, The Hornet. Covering sports at a Historically Black College/University often provides some unique perspectives on student-athletes, coaches as teachers, and just in general how sports is important no matter the level. Well, this is a brief intro, but you will be hearing from me soon, so welcome your future sportswriter with open arms. Peace.